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  1. New screens for DBRITE and ADIRS should look like this... @nyergesdesignGabor - feedback that the FT updated link seems to be incorrect and downloads the original files - Can you check?
  2. Nice work Ben, Thanks for putting in the effort of sorting and testing for the community benefit G
  3. OK, so mystery No 2 now solved. Had not realised that these screenshots were from the RC element on the FT website (hence my question of where were these from) and indeed @hexzedis completely correct in that these pictures have been taken from the very early iteration of the RC that was tested and were removed as incorrect and corrected with the correct versions for PHNL. (like the airport testing, RC goes through several beta versions before being released to get it as accurate as humanly possible be it aircraft types and/or liveries correct/updated) As @scoobflightsays, the power of Google and research is a wonderful thing, and the FedEx feeders are operated by Corporate Air by Cessna Caravan's in the FedEx livery which is modelled correctly by the look of it.
  4. AlaskaGuy, A couple of questions on the RC/RT. 1. Have you updated your RT following PHNL release? 2. Where did you get your PHNL RC from (ie direct from FeelThere or via Steam)? Also, are the screen prints from you custom schedule? What flight code is shown in the Strip for the FEDEX flights and Bangkok Air Flights? Thanks
  5. AlaskaGuy, you are still not getting it. You will have all the liveries in your schedule as you have ALL the manifest files (001 to 027). Therefore all your flights will turn up with a livery (except the GA ones as you say) For those that run your schedule that DO NOT have ALL the RC manifest packs and a Aircraft/Operator code is in one of the relevant missing packs in THIER set up it will show up as a white plane.
  6. OK. To solve this once and for all. Looking at the schedule quickly there are 66 types of Aircraft/Operator codes of which only 38 (58%) are actually in the PHNL_RC file, therefore if this is the only one you own 28 (42%) will turn up as white aircraft (this does not include GA). Attached is a file which shows the breakdown and details for those Aircraft/Operator codes that are not in the PHNL_RC (ie the 28) and WHICH Airport pack RC they are actually in. IF you do not own the corresponding RC pack for the type listed that is in AlaskaGuy's schedule IT WILL turn up as a white plane as @hexzedand @crbascott have tried to explain above. AlaskaGuy_Sched_RC.xlsx
  7. Completely agree but wasn't questioning the posting whether it be "over or under reporting", was asking the poster if this was the same bug or not for clarification, as @HappyNUyearhadn't had the opportunity to post a picture or log of the issue, hence the ask.
  8. Isn't this the same issue that @andredragt reported earlier in this thread for 22L and 22R that FT are investigating? Apologies if you are listing something else.
  9. No idea what the asterix means. Maybe something to do when the other one went out of business for a while? Anyway AeroAndes doesn't fly into Honolulu from what I can see so removing it from the airlines file should not impact the schedule and allow OMNI to land!
  10. That's because there are 2 OY in the Airlines file by the look of it. ANS, OY, AEROANDES, Andes Lineas Aereas, Argentina (ceased operations and then started up again!) and OAE, OY, OMNI EXPRESS, Omni Air International, United States If you delete the Aeroandes line it will spawn correctly
  11. Master File Vs.18 Uploaded with PHNL RC details added and updates on ceased Airline operations where known.
  12. The way things are going, most liveries in the game will become retro 😟
  13. Fred, Its been a while since I gave KDFW a run out but Craig is correct in that you need to give the VACATE RUNWAY LEFT ONTO TAXIWAY P2 as the command and it needs to be given BEFORE you get the successfully landed message. I tend to give this just after landing or on final approach but appreciate you can forget in the the throes of a busy session! I have got the south loop to work on most occasions and you are correct that it works fine in the eastern gates nearer the landing runway but does struggle with the western gates sometimes, particularly the north western end of the airport. Think, as with most of the larger airports, the game does struggle with finding paths. Unfortunately, its a bit of a case of trial an error on taxiing commands for that side, and finding what works and sticking to it. Hope this helps
  14. I don't think Craig was implying Eli that sadly, this may take much longer than we'd all like in relation to you getting this fully up and running. I think he was implying that sadly traffic volumes in the real world will take a very long time to get back to where they were before this Global outbreak and sadly I think he is very correct in that statement.
  15. Is this an actual photo or an artist's impression of what it will look like?
  16. Don't know if its OFFICIAL or not but the subject title kind of gives it away! 🤔
  17. Sounds like these gates are the issue so need to report it in the area designated for this at: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87812-tower3d-airport-bugs-and-errors/
  18. Correct. Its not a RC Pack loading order issue. Probably got over zealous with copying down the New Version cell as there were 253 lines to be added for the EDDF RC (the biggest yet) and didn't get a chance to review and test each individual line for this one and adding all these new liveries lately is a nightmare. From memory there were discussions to add this but as it was not flying in real world in that livery at the time of the RC being put together, it wasn't. Its on the radar to add to a future RC release for a new airport or updated current airport RC that this flies into. The world hasn't ended, no one has died and it's not in a white livery and you get a nice mix for UA liveries now as in real world. 😬 Version 16.2 uploaded on the front page Ps. Thanks @ATC AlaskaGuy for spotting
  19. Spotted and fixed the error in the updated file in the main link. The B738_tk was listed twice in the EGKK detail and indeed one of these should have been the B38M_tk. Thanks @ATC AlaskaGuyfor the spot
  20. Sorry. I guess it should be ATC AlaskaGuy to be correct then
  21. Good day all. By popular request (well by ATC AlaskaGuy anyway) updated with the Master File Vs.16 to reflect associated RC for recently released EDDF RC and the long awaited LEBL forum requested RC update. Enjoy
  22. No worries Neil. It's all ready to go but just waiting on some info from Gabor before releasing.
  23. Well put @Avwriter. This is not unique as applies to a number of released airports. If you want to run the airport properly then just don't select the options and follow Airport Ops rules pedantically for your own enjoyment (which for my own personal gaming I do but that's my choice) Others can just play it as another game and play it how they want to without real life Ops restrictions for their own enjoyment (as do some YT streamers!). You pay your money and take your pick 😁
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