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Parking Brake control

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8 minutes ago, Capt disaster said:

I am trying to set up the parking brake but I can not find it in the drop down menu, can you point me in the right direction

Didn't you try "Parking brakes"?  Seems pretty clear to me!  Not obvious enough for you?

For the slightly more obscure names you could try searching in the List of Controls document supplied for you in the FSUIPC Documents folder, but that is hardly necessary in this case!

Almost all of the names are those originally chosen by Microsoft.



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4 hours ago, Capt disaster said:

If I can’t find something I guess I search for it? 

That's the best way, yes. There is another way too: enable Event logging in FSUIPC and operate the control in the normal Flight Sim way -- keyboard or mouse click. the control being used, if there is one, will be logged. So then just look in the log file (FSUIPC4.LOG or FSUIPC5.LOG, in the sim's modules folder).





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7 hours ago, Capt disaster said:

yes that’s what I mean

It is still the same sim control. There's no separate "axis" operating the parking brake, as it is a simple toggle switch in the sim. What would be the point of all the intermediate positions? The parking brake is either on or it isn't.

There is an example in the documentation for assigning a GGear Lever axis to operate the gear switch (which is also a simple switch, except that the Sim provides separate UP and DOWN controls for that, which it doesn't for parking brake).

BTW, it makes no sense at all entitling a question here as "John" as you have done. Next time you post please use a subject title which does describe the subject NOT the person posting it.



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33 minutes ago, Capt disaster said:

do you know what mate you have been quite rude to me. I made a simple mistake and don't like being shouted at by you.

Sorry, but I don't see where I've been "rude". And there's no SHOUTING at all -- shouting is always denoted by all capitals. Emboldening is only an attraction for attention, and in this case it was just a "By The Way", so that next time you might provide a title which attracts those other users here which know more about the specific subject.

This is particularly important for when I'm away, which is quite often. The other folk here are generally very helpful, but do need to be attracted to your post by some idea of the subject.

I think your reaction to such advice is rather extreme and it is really unwarranted and hurtful. Should I put this down to your malady? Please take a good look through othere threads here to see my prompt and useful support which is generally appreciated.

I'm not sure how much longer this will continue, mind. I am 75 this year and look forward to a bit more time off in my remaining years.

(BTW according to the SPAD website, it uses FSUIPC in any case. ;-) )



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I asked how to set the parking brake. 

Your helpful reply was “Didn’t you try parking brakes”?  Seems clear to me! Not obvious enough for you.”

No it was not clear to me that’s why I asked the question expecting a useful reply not a sarcastic one. 

Had you said John you put your name where the heading should have been , makes it difficult to answer. I would have been a lot happier than have it pointed out in bold type. 

Yet again I tried to set a switch on my yoke to work the parking brake, I could not find the brake on and brake off. Only Parking brake. 

I apologise for my out burst,  

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  • John Dowson changed the title to Parking Brake control

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