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  1. If you're asking what I think you are, especially for an addon plane, you need to log local panel variables. Look into the "log lvars.lua" script and I think there's some documentation for this in the FSUIPC documentation. If it's a default aircraft you can probably find what you need in the offset listing in the documentation. But most addons use LVars. -stefan
  2. If you're trying to use an axis for parking brake, you need to do it slightly differently. Is that what you mean? -stefan
  3. No, they change semi-randomly as windows sees fit (not exactly but for practical purposes you can treat it that way.) To avoid this sort of thing, you should use JoyLetters as explained in FSUIPC documentation. That's designed to avoid this sort of problem. -stefan
  4. Graham, It'd make slightly more sense for Pete to host it, so I'll ask that you contact him for that. Thanks for sharing the file! -stefan
  5. Is there a reason you can't just publicly share it? If it's just not having an easy way to do so, let me know, and I'll host it for you. If someone doesn't want it publicly shared, then whatever, I guess. -stefan
  6. I think he's waiting on Lua to fix something, it didn't sound like anything he had control over. Needs a fix from upstream. -stefan
  7. Use Joystick Letters as described in the user manual. It sounds like they're being renumbered, which is pretty common. -stefan
  8. RogCamp, if you want I can send you some macro files that have binding for all the A2A controls for some of their planes, and then you can bind them in FSUIPC like any other button. The macros make the custom LVars that A2A uses bindable like normal FS actions. Send me a PM if you want it. Then just create a specific profile for each A2A plane (they all use a slightly different combination of LVars) and you should be set. -stefan
  9. The key for the P3Dv3 version (fsuipc4) will not work for the P3DV4 version (fsuipc5) as it is a new product that you will need to purchase from SimMarket. -stefan
  10. Edit: You say FSDT stuff doesn't work with P3Dv3, but this is with v4. Maybe you mean it applies to both. If it does apply to both, disregard this post! -- To keep replies in the topic you asked for, I'm seeing it create a MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg and then it creates the xml and other files. The MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg file correctly displays the FSDreamTeam, FlightBeam, etc airports. However, scanning both Runways.txt and runways.xml shows that the airports in those files are just the default ones, or potentially ORBX ones from their regions. Unless I'm misreading things. I ran MakeRwys.exe multiple times with the same results. MakeRwys.exe is 4.801, downloaded just a bit ago. Snippets, showing PHLI and KLAX MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg <snip> [Area.250] Title=FsDreamTeam Hawaiian Airports V1 Lihue Local=F:\P3D Addons\Addon Manager\FsDreamTeam\PHLI\Scenery Layer=250 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE </snip> <snip> [Area.251] Title=FsDreamTeam Los Angeles Local=F:\P3D Addons\Addon Manager\FsDreamTeam\KLAX_V2\Scenery Layer=251 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE </snip> runways.xml <snip> <ICAO id="PHLI"> <ICAOName>Lihue</ICAOName> <Country>United States</Country> <State>Hawaii</State> <City>Lihue</City> <File>Scenery\0003\scenery\APX05240.bgl</File> <SceneryName>0003 Base</SceneryName> <Longitude>-159.338623</Longitude> <Latitude>21.976097</Latitude> </snip> <snip> <ICAO id="KLAX"> <ICAOName>Los Angeles Intl</ICAOName> <Country>United States</Country> <State>California</State> <City>Los Angeles</City> <File>ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY\scenery\ADE_FTX_SCA_KLAX.bgl</File> <SceneryName>FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY</SceneryName> <Longitude>-118.408073</Longitude </snip> Runways.txt <snip> Airport PHLI :N21:58:33.9210 W159:20:19.0393 153ft Country Name="United States" State Name="Hawaii" City Name="Lihue" Airport Name="Lihue" in file: Scenery\0003\scenery\APX05240.bgl Runway 17 /35 centre: N21:58:21.8379 W159:20:09.1691 153ft Start 17 : N21:58:52.9689 W159:20:09.1580 153ft Hdg: 180.0T, Length 6523ft </snip> <snip> Airport KLAX :N33:56:33.1010 W118:24:29.0697 126ft Country Name="United States" State Name="California" City Name="Los Angeles" Airport Name="Los Angeles Intl" in file: Scenery\0202\scenery\APX16190.bgl Runway 7L/25R centre: N33:56:16.5151 W118:23:58.8176 126ft Start 7L: N33:56:09.4531 W118:25:07.6935 126ft Hdg: 83.0T, Length 12078f </snip> <snip> ============================================================================= Area.250 "FsDreamTeam Hawaiian Airports V1 Lihue" (Layer=250) Path(Local/Remote)=F:\P3D Addons\Addon Manager\FsDreamTeam\PHLI\Scenery ============================================================================= Area.251 "FsDreamTeam Los Angeles" (Layer=251) Path(Local/Remote)=F:\P3D Addons\Addon Manager\FsDreamTeam\KLAX_V2\Scenery ============================================================================ </snip> -stefan
  11. I solved my own problem with the air = thing. I apparently copied an older debug version of that Lua in and the display is there plain as day. No idea how I missed that. My bad. Keybind question still stands. -stefan
  12. Hi Pete, Two issues I'm seeing, both potentially my error. First off, I have no key bindings normally. I was testing something, and bound the space bar to Mouselook Toggle. I decided I didn't want it, and tried to get rid of it via the following steps: 1.) Start keybind for space 2.) Hit "Clear" below the keybind 3.) Hit "Confirm" below the keybind and then "OK." 4.) Confirm key unbound, reopen FSUIPC GUI, and confirm key unbound in there. It doesn't do anything in the sim nor show up as bound when checking in the FSUIPC GUI at this point. However, after closing flightsim, I note that the keybind remains in the FSUIPC.ini file and I confirm it's back the next time I start P3Dv4: [Keys] 1=32,8,66734,0 -{Space: Press=MOUSE_LOOK_TOGGLE } Am I doing something wrong here? Or is there a bug? This is the only keybind I have in either the main file or the aircraft profiles (set to "Folder"). Second, I seem to have a green message bar about "Air = 49.something" stuck on the screen. I can't find the relevant logging option. The only guess I have about where it's coming from might be the one Lua I have enabled, the Carb Air one. Here's some files: FSUIPC5.ini [General] UpdatedByVersion=5101g History=TYRVQOLJKT686I7EV1UF0 InitDelayDevicesToo=No Annotate=Yes NewInterceptTextMenu=No UseSystemTime=No UseMidMouseBtn=Yes MouseWheelMove=No MouseWheelTrim=No MouseWheelTrimSpeed=1 JoystickTimeout=20 FixControlAccel=No FixMachSpeedBug=No AutoScanDevices=Yes DisconnTrimForAP=No ZeroElevForAPAlt=No ThrottleSyncAll=No WhiteMessages=No ShowPMcontrols=No SpoilerIncrement=512 MagicBattery=No RudderSpikeRemoval=No ElevatorSpikeRemoval=No AileronSpikeRemoval=No ReversedElevatorTrim=No ClockSync=No ClockSyncMins=5 ClearWeatherDynamics=No TimeForSelect=4 LoadFlightMenu=No LoadPlanMenu=No PauseAfterCrash=No BrakeReleaseThreshold=75 SaveDataWithFlights=No ZapSound=firework ShortAircraftNameOk=Substring UseProfiles=Files EnableMouseLook=No DelayedMouseLookZoom=No WideLuaGlobals=Yes AxesWrongRange=No TCASid=Flight TCASrange=40,3 AxisCalibration=No DirectAxesToCalibs=No ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=No AxisIntercepts=No DontResetAxes=No ThreadAffinityMask=x0 LuaAffinityMask=x0 InitDelay=0 GetNearestAirports=Yes LogOptionProtect=Yes TimeForLuaClosing=2 WeatherReadFactor=2 WeatherRewriteSeconds=1 CustomWeatherModify=No SimConnectStallTime=1 InitialStallTime=10 NormalStallTime=1 LuaRerunDelay=66 Console=No FSVersionUsed="Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4", SimConnectUsed= [Traffic Limiter] AirportPreference=50 PlannedAirportsPreference=50 GroundPreference=50 NearerPreference=50 TargetFrameRate=0 TrafficLimit=200 [Auto] 1=Lua A2A_CarbHeat [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes 0=MFG Crosswind V2 0.GUID={542137C0-27F6-11E6-8002-444553540000} 1=PFC Yoke 1.GUID={06221670-F844-11E5-8018-444553540000} 2=Saitek Pro Flight TPM System 2.GUID={06178F20-F844-11E5-8012-444553540000} 3=Mad Catz Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel 3.GUID={061D3470-F844-11E5-8017-444553540000} 4=TQ6 4.GUID={0601BD30-F844-11E5-8004-444553540000} Y=PFC Yoke M=Saitek Pro Flight TPM System W=Mad Catz Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel T=TQ6 P=MFG Crosswind V2 [Axes] PollInterval=10 RangeRepeatRate=10 [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=PY,6,K121,8 -{Key press: F10}- 2=PY,7,K120,8 -{Key press: F9}- [MacroFiles] 1=1_A2A_P180 2=2_A2A_C182 3=3_A2A_PA-24-250 [LuaFiles] 1=A2A_CarbHeat #2=log lvars #3=gitlua #4=ipcini #5=ipcinit 2=log lvars [JoystickCalibration] AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=No FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=No ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 LeftBrake=-16383,16384/16 RightBrake=-16383,16239/16 Throttle=-16254,16320 PropPitch=-16190,16383 Mixture=-16384,1625 [Profile.Piper Cub] 1=A2A Piper Cub [Profile.Cessna 182] 1=C182 [Profile.Cherokee 180] 1=Piper Pa-28-180 [Profile.Comanche 250] 1=Piper Pa-24-250 [Window.LUA display] Docked=7347, 2457, 3571, 2539 [Profile.PMDG 737] 1=Boeing 737-7H4NGX Southwest Airlines Winglets 2=PMDG 737-800NGX American Airlines (N880NN) [Profile.Cessna 172] 1=C172R [Profile.Lancair Legacy] 1=RealAir Lancair Legacy V2 [AutoSave] Next=1 Interval=60 Files=10 SaveOnGround=No AutoSaveEnabled=No [GPSout] GPSoutEnabled=No Port=COM1 Speed=4800 Interval=2000 PosTo6Decimal=No SimModeIndicator=No Sentences= [GPSout2] GPSoutEnabled=No Port=<none set> Speed=4800 Interval=2000 PosTo6Decimal=No SimModeIndicator=No Sentences= [WideServer] WideFSenabled=Yes AdvertiseService=1 Port=8002 Port2=9002 [Sounds] Path=F:\Prepar3D v4\Sound\ Device1=Primary Sound Driver Device2=Speakers (Sound Blaster Recon3Di) Device3=DELL U3011-8 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) Device4=Speakers (Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450) Device5=SPDIF-Out (Sound Blaster Recon3Di) [Keys] 1=32,8,66734,0 -{Space: Press=MOUSE_LOOK_TOGGLE }- (I know commenting out the LUAs didn't do much - I also renamed the ones that didn't re-add themselves and renumber so that they wouldn't load) A2A_CarbHeat.lua function Cabin_Vent(control, Vent_in) Vent_Out = (Vent_in + 16383)/327.67 ipc.writeLvar("L:CabinVent", Vent_Out) end function Carb_Air(control, Air_in) Air_Out = (Air_in + 16383)/327.67 ipc.writeLvar("L:Eng1_CarbAirSwitch", Air_Out) ipc.display("Air = "..Air_Out, 1) end function Carb_Heat(control, Heat_in) --Heat_Out = 100- ((Heat_in + 16383)/327.67) Heat_Out = ((Heat_in + 16383)/327.67) ipc.writeLvar("L:Eng1_CarbHeatSwitch", Heat_Out) end function Cowl_Flaps(control, Cowl_in) Cowl_Out = ((Cowl_in + 16383)/327.67) ipc.writeLvar("L:Eng1_CowlFlapsLever", Cowl_Out) end event.offset(0x66D0,"SW","Carb_Air") event.offset(0x66D2,"SW","Carb_Heat") event.offset(0x66D4,"SW","Cabin_Vent") event.offset(0x66D6,"SW","Cowl_Flaps") And finally, a screenshot: (full size: http://i.imgur.com/qo1qx0S.png ) I don't see anything that should be displaying that, but I'm likely missing something obvious. Thanks, -stefan
  13. Haha, just joking. It would be impossible to set my controls without fsuipc and Lua and such, so I'm definitely appreciative of your work. Of course I can wait - there's outdoors now that it's not the ice/snow half of the year here! I was just saying I'd lose a large chunk of my controls without it is all :) -stefan
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