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First of all I want to say that I think Tower!3d Pro is an excellent product. Keeps my brain working in my advancing years.

Just wondering if its appeal might be further enhanced by a career mode, modelled on real training?

This would add another level of challenge that would add extra stimulation.



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Some initial thoughts using default airports.

Initial training at TIST

Task 1. Land 10 planes in clear weather

Task 2. Takeoff 10 planes in clear weather

Task 3. Land 10 planes in random weather

Task 4. Takeoff 10 planes random weather

Task 5  = Task 3 + Task 4 together

Check Session.

Work for 2 hours at TIST in random weather (maybe requires a the ability to save sessions)

If successful award Certificate and move to KLAX. Work successfully for 10 hours at KLAX in random weather for award of Senior Controller

Move to KPHL and work for 50 hours successfully in random weather for award of Principal Controller


Further elaborations are possible if you were to introduce emergencies and routing to other airports




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This would be awesome! Particularly with emergencies and a requirement to close affected runway(s) within a time limit or other criteria (contact emergency dispatch crew for handling, holding all traffic (ground and airborne), etc) and then re-routing to alternate airport or opening alternate runway(s). Knowing that this could happen at any moment would really keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

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As an older Military ATC, I think that makes more sense to make a training and "working" for each Airport. In reality, after we get the ATC Course, we are transfered to a unit (Airport). Then at this Airport we are trained, after the successfull training, we can take control of the position without beeing monitored. London Control for instance has this type of concept. First we are trainee, after some hours without errors  (or big errors like lost of separation) it gives us the possibility to "work" on the sector. If we make big mistakes we will be "sent" again to trainee mode in this airport.

So even if we are not trainee in KLAX for instance, if we want to control at KSFO we must pass the trainee sessions for that Airport too. And so on...



Paulo Moreira

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