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Airport files not options

C Bravo

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14 hours ago, hexzed said:

Have you purchased the airport DLC, or just real traffic?



The ATL files look like the others. I’m assuming they’re the DLC. I’ve only purchased one RT upgrade for the island, Vegas, and LAX

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13 hours ago, winsaudi said:

C Bravo,

I suspect that you installed the add on airports into the default folder which is incorrect. Try installing them again but change the installation route to your Tower 3D Pro folder.

I have ATL files in the 3D and 3D Pro folders. That’s what came up as default (since ATL was purchased after the game was). 

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@C Bravo, the installers for airports released by FeelThere default to 3D instead of 3D Pro which can cause issues/headaches for Pro users. I'd recommend starting from scratch:

  1. Uninstall everything. Make sure the 3D and 3D Pro folders are removed. If worse comes to worse, just delete them and their contents.
  2. Reinstall the base sim - it should create and and install everything in the Tower!3D Pro folder.
  3. Install RT (Real Traffic) - there is only one RT DLC and the current version is sp6v7. The installer will ask you what version of Tower you have and will provide the correct default installation path.
  4. Install your airport add-ons. It is very import to make sure and change the install path to Tower!3D Pro.
  5. Install each of your RC (Real Color) add-ons. Again, the installer will ask you what version of Tower you have and will provide the correct installation path. 

After completing all this you should be up and running and you should only have a Tower!3D Pro folder. Good luck!

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