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Majestic Dash8 tiller assignment

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Dear Mr Downson

Congrats on this fantastic product (Fsuipc),

I live in Brazil and I managed to assign the tiller using FsLabs A320X but when I tried to configure the tiller in the Dash8 Majestic I couldn't manage.

My set is composed of a Saitek Proflight Yoke and Saitek rudder pedal besides I am using a stargate NX controller manging my tiller hardware.

I must tell you that all the 3 hardwares (yoke + rudder + tiller) are recognized both in P3D4.2 and Fsuipc.

The question is how to configure the tiller?

Best regards from Brazil

Reynaldo Duarte


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12 hours ago, Reynaldo Duarte said:

The question is how to configure the tiller?

Which control are you assigning to? FSUIPC has always offered its own steering tiller assignment facility, which actually uses the rudder (it dates back to before the Sim had a till control). The rudder assignment for the tiller has a system for gradually changing from tiller axis to the true rudder axis.

If you are using the built-in Sim control and it isn't working for a particular aircraft, then it is to do with the implementation of that aircraft, as all FSUIPC can to is send the command on your behalf to the Sim.

Maybe there's a Majestic support website in which you could ask about this?



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The Majestic Q400 tiller control must be configured via the Q400 control panel application. The setting is stored in the INI file, which you find in the aircraft directories. You have several options to define, which axis controls the tiller. Configuration via FSUIPC only is not working.


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For the future reference of others, here is what I have done. I have the Pro version, but I think this works on all versions.

Aside from setting a joystick axis in FSUIPC to "Spoilers" and then setting the "Steering Control Mode" to "Spoiler" Axis in the Majestic Control Panel, there is also a file  YourFlightSimFolder\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\ini\mjc86.ini that can be slightly modified to make the rudder pedals have a more useful effect on the tiller.  I found the default setting made the rudder pedals useless even though they had soe effect on ground steering. With my minor change I can now use the Spoiler/tiller axis for more dramatic ground maneuvers and I can use the rudder pedals for the straight taxiways or slightly curved taxiways.

Edit the following line to read:


;The DEFAULT is  -    PEDALS_STEERING_EFFECTIVENESS = 0.5 (or 0.7 on New Version) (The recent upgrade switched it back from mu change of 2.5 to 0.7)

You will find  this strikes a nice balance and make taxiing much easier.

Good Luck

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