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Airport with most intercontinental traffic?


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I'm a new player since about a month, and I've already bought the Orlando DLC. I'm planning on buying the DLC-bundle (KATL, KJFK, KLAS and KSAN) on the next Steam-sale - if I don't have to wait too long...

Which airport of all of the DLC's contains most international/intercontinental traffic? And if we exclude the DLC's in the bundle?

I'm in love with this awesome game!!! 🙂

Thanks, Peter



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Welcome to the Tower 3D addiction group AKA the forum 😄

First of all, in my opinion, you need Real traffic and colour, if you don't already have it.

This is a must for the below to apply 🙂

I would say LAX out of the ones that you have is the busiest, but JFK is good too (for international traffic)

Hands down Atlanta is the busiest though, just get used to saying Delta!

In regards to what you don't have, Munich also has a lot of variety and traffic.

I would also highly recommend picking up a custom schedule for the best experience from this list



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Thanks Braf and Ben! I'm seriously addicted to the game now...

I've installed some custom schedules now, and it works great! I also bought KSFO today.

Yes, I have both Real traffic and color! I haven't bought real color for Orlando and KSFO yet, but there's only a handful of white airplanes so it works for med atm. 🙂 



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