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ERJ v2 CTD with no error/trace


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I've purchased the ERJ v2 recently but getting unpredictable CTDs when using it with P3D v4.3.

The sim shuts down suddenly with no trace and no error. There is also no error in the event viewer.

Weird thing is it happened yesterday while the simulator was paused (after a couple of mins). Could it be a memory leak or something?



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4 minutes ago, FeelThere Ariel said:


Have you verified your ERJ v2 is for P3D v4.3? Can you direct me to the link of the product you purchased? 

I've purchased it from your site (BMT Micro orders) 2 weeks ago so I assume I got the recent file since v4.3 was released long ago?

Is there a specific file name I should be looking for?

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6 hours ago, scoobflight said:

To add -  Be sure and check that all feelThere files & folders are removed after running the uninstaller.  Install the new download as administrator.

OK, can you please point me to the relevant folder(s)? Aside from the one located under Simobjects/airplanes ?

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Just to update this thread seems this is not an issue with this specific aircraft as it occurred also with others.

Looks like may be REX Skyforce 3D related - will take it with them in their support forum.


Thanks for the help!

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