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Usb devices on the client

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Pete, sorry to bother with this, but before I spend a grand for a second
computer I need to know.........using FSX and fswide,  will all my hardware
that would connect to the USB ports  and hubs on the client computer run over fswide,
or do I need to have the USB hardware on the primary computer. Thanks so
much. (Full size 737 cockpit - FSX)
Don Adsitt

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Hi Don,

you can connect your USB devices to your client computer and connect using WideFS. This will generally be fine for buttons/switches/toggles, etc, but for axis controls (throttle, elevators, ailerons, rudder, etc) you may find the added delay (due to the network) gives poor response times.

Anyway, Pete will be back next week so please wait for his opinion before you splash the cash!



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WideClient can handle buttons and switches over the Network fine, no problems at all. but for the control axes mentioned by John you need to connect them directly to the main simulator PC. WideClient does not offer facilities for those because of the response time you'd get -- maybe only milliseconds, but enough to make flying a rather haphazard business.



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