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FSUIPC4 - event.textmenu

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Hi Pete,

thanks for v5.15 of FSUIPC5. I got event.textmenu() running perfect. But I am struggeling with FSUIPC4. Any advice?

Using this listener:

event.textmenu(2, "TextMenuOpened")

Brings up this error:

12281 *** LUA Error: ...amapps\common\FSX\Modules\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.lua:981: attempt to call field 'textmenu' (a nil value)

Tested with v4.9.7.401

What am I doing wrong? Any advice?

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You can have WideClient running on your sim PC for this. Set the ClassInstance to non-zero in WideClient.INI (you can have as many WideClients as you like running with different ClassInstances). Any FSUIPC applications will only connect to the ClassInstance 0 program though (which is usually FSUIPC on the sim PC).


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3 hours ago, Capt. PERO said:

thanks for your feedback and the work arround. For me in person this would be fine, but I want to share my Script to the community even for FSX users. So I really would appricate if you could add this in to FSUIPC4.

Sorry, but FSUIPC4 development has finished (after 13 years!)

You can publish your script anyway for users with instructions on using Wideclient for it. Those who have upgraded to P3D4 can of course make use of it with FSUIPC5.



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