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Gatwick (EGKK) Bugs


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Before i start i would like to say love the EGKK airport, Hense the reason i went ahead and purchased Tower3D Pro. I would like to add a few bugs from my usage i have noticed during playing. I normally control EGKK via Vatsim and during busy time taxiways B, G and H can beused but when i issue these Tower3d acts odd. I am aware VAtsim and real life are diffrent i would just like to get theses cleared up.

1. After push instruct aircraft to taxi via K, Q, ZZ ( RWY 08L/26R ) and H and i get a wierd taxiway that looks like this in the picture.


2. If I do the same as number one but instead of H i use G the aircraft will no move and has no taxi line ( Like its confused )

3. No really a bug but when aircraft are on approach ( IRL ) at EGKK you can slot one in one out 5 mile between but when you try this in T3D the time it takes for the plane to actually do the instructon the next one is landing. Normally causing a crash. even after giving the "line up and wait behind next landing aircraft"

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Can you add the output_log.txt from that session? The forum rule is: "No log - no bug".

At no. 1: The sim can't be instructed to use a taxiway twice, which you implicitly did. If you wanted to have the aircraft departing from H, you would have to say "EZY8575, runway 08R AT H via K Q ZZ". Other than that, the only way to use H from ZZ for a full-length departure is to go back to J. But I guess taxiway H is one-way only, so to return to J the sim had to utilize G.

At no. 2: We'd need a log to analyze what happened.

At no. 3: 5 miles in Tower is not enough, since the line-up process already takes up 42 seconds (26L) or a little more (08R). I've done some calculations. The basic final for a LUAW and departure is a 7-mile final. If you've got three (the first landing A/C, the departing A/C, the next landing A/C) medium jets like the A320, A319, B737, E90 involved. For every Heavy or A321 involved add another mile - if the first landing plane is a 777, the next departure is a 777, and the next landing plane is a 747, you add 3 miles for a 10-mile final on the 747. For every Super involved - by which I mean the A380 - add two miles. So with the 380 instead of the 747 in my last example, you'll need an 11-mile final for the A380 to shoot the gap.

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So, if I'm understanding the initial post correctly, are you trying to have that aircraft enter 08R at taxiway G to depart?

If so, as @DeltaVII mentioned, you would need to tell it "Runway 08R AT G via K Q ZZ."

The aircraft will always repeat the commands you give it, but, if it cannot determine a path based on those instructions, it won't do anything.

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