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Real Traffic for Tracon! 2012SE


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6 hours ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

@surfcandy can you point me to the steam thread you are referring to? 

The Steam thread :


This Forum thread:

So since March 2019 I doubt there has been a real fix. So what is the best work around that works properly.




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1 hour ago, crbascott said:

Did Tracon or RT install a file called "vnttrp.tit"? If so, rename it to schedule.txt and theoretically you should be good to go.

I tried simply renaming vnttrp.tit to schedule.txt and vnttrp.tit changed it's name but when I right clicked the folder it's properties showed it still remained a  vnttrp.tit file.

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4 hours ago, crbascott said:

You might need to change the security permissions on Tracon and its subfolders to allow you to rename the file.

What I figured out to do was to simply first apply the Real Traffic Add-on then proceed to delete everything inside the schedule folder  then copy and paste everything in the  vnttrp.tit folder to the schedule folder and then delete the vnttrp.tit folder and save. Everything in the vnttrp.tit folder now sits in the original (after add-on) schedule folder skipping the process mentioned in your and others fix solution.


Will that do the trick it seems to be working.


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