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Heavies KSAN RWY 9 Loop?


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2 hours ago, hexzed said:

They shouldn't have to, i have heavies going straight to 9.

What command are you using?

I tell them either to Line Up and Wait or Cleared for Takeoff. Both cause them to do complete 180s there. Very annoying.

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6 minutes ago, hexzed said:

Oh you mean they do a 180 on the spot?


Sort of hard to see if you know KSAN. Those damned trees are in the way from the tower, but they appear to do a pretty tight 180. If not on the spot, it's a SMALL circle. Mainly the big FedEx and UPS jumbos.

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Heavies at KSAN should cross at C5 and taxi up Bravo to B10 before entering 9. 

If you're using 9 for arrivals and departures and are simulating the early evening when the BA 747 or 777 arrives, that one aircraft has to use 27. Taxi it over to C1 and make a space in your arriving traffic to get it our and clear. 

Been onboard the BA flight when this exact situation happened and spoke to captain afterwards. 

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That's fascinating. In the case of the FedEx cargo plane, it's a 767 (6am). I'll have to take it to C1 as you laid out because having it go to 9 is just not a plan that succeeds. I didn't think the pilot would accept a directive to fly with the wind.

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