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Here is "my" problem.  Lately every time I fly on my flight sim the oom alarm sounds  in fsuipc.  To me that is a good thing because it gives me a chance to figure out what is wrong. but not this time. I can't seem to get it. I shutdown all programs from running that are not needed and tried different aircraft. (same problem). here is a copy of my latest log file and a copy of my .ini file I also lowered all settings in the settings control.





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first of all you should update to latest FSUIPC as you run a very old, no longer supported, version !


********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.955c (14th June 2016) by Pete Dowson *********

Please update to latest FSUIPC4.974 first.


FOR FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D

Install complete FSUIPC version 4.974 Install FSUIPC4.974 for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D versions 2.5, 3.0 - 3.4 (32-bit only: all versions to date of release)
Changes since 4.96 are now included in the History document in the FSUIPC Documents folder supplemented by the Changes document in the ZIP.

FSUIPC 4.974b DLL only, for current 4.974 users FSUIPC4974b.zip
-- This interim update provides an improved Lua ext library. Those included functions operating on external application windows now more reliably find and act on the top level window, as generally necessary to have effective keyboard and state changes (min/max etc) recognised and acted upon.

FSUIPC doesn't check or log the PC installed/ available memory. First thing to do would be to check with Task Manager how much memory is available and when FSX is running and gives you the warning, how much memory it actually uses. Maybe the paging file size on your system is to small for the installed memory.


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12 hours ago, hpwells1 said:

I can't seem to get it. I shutdown all programs from running that are not needed

As well as what Thomas has said, here's some more details about OOMs and solutions:

The memory is that available to your FSX or P3D process. Closing down other programs is not going to help -- unless, like Active Sky they are injecting data into the Sim.

A 32-  bit program like the Sim you are using is limited to 4000 Mb or memory, of which abount 2,000 Mb is taken up with Windows compaonents and hardware drivers.

OOM will be caused by scenery not being flushed, weather textures not being flushed, and AI traffic textures not being flished. You might find that merely saving the flight and reloading it will give you much more time before the next OOM warning.

Another likely cause is "memory leakage". That's when something you are using (IN the Sim, not outside) is not freeing memory it uses, and just grabs more rather than freeing or re-using what it has. There have been a number of add-ons which have such faults over the years.

In the end there are two solutions:

1. Save your flight, close the sim completely and start it up again, reloading your saved flight.
2. Update to a 64-bit sim such as P3D4. The incidence of OOMs in P3D3 and FSX/FSX-SE was a prime motivator for many to move on to P3D4.



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Do I need to remove the old FSUIPC4 and then install the new one?  and will I need a key code if I do that?  I tried to just install the update and it was asking for a key code.  I then looked in the modules folder  and checked the properties and it said the FSUIPC4 that I have installed is dated Feb. 2018.  Is that the new update?

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if you have a key for FSUIPC4 already then you just run the installer. The installer doesn't ask for a key but gives you three options, Ckeck Existing Key (FSUIPC4 or with WideFS) / Enter New Key / Not Now.

In case the installer doesn't delete existing files you can just click on Not Now and you're OK.


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