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Hey guys,

I'm trying to get a LUA script to run an external exe program, but it's not working and i'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong with my extremely limited LUA capabilities.  The program is a simple bat file compiled in an EXE that when opened, runs it's few lines of code and closes automatically, so all I want to do is have a button mapped in FSUIPC that calls on this script that uses the ext.run command to run this file.

Lua script is as follows;


I go into FSUIPC, press the button I want and select Lua Panel from the drop down and would guess that's it...but when pressing the button nothing happens.

What am I missing?

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I have got a similar problem - I launched my software from lua file with

handle, error= ext.run("C:\\SIOC.exe, "EXT_KILL")

Sioc starts successfully. But the Parameter "EXT_KILL" has no effect, i.e. SIOC is not terminated after closing FSX. Maybe there is a mistake in Syntax? I got error =-3.

Alternatively, I tried to start sioc directly in fsuipc.ini (last update) via Run command. But this does only work for all aircrafts. I only want to start sioc for PMDG 737 aircrafts. This can only be done for Lua scripts. May be there is another option?


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Hello Reinhard,
thank you for quick answering. I am sorry, but this was only a copy and paste error in my post. In my lua script it is correct. There is still the problem with the EXT_KILL parameter. sioc is not terminated after fsx is shut down.

Regards Christoph


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Just a hunch,

Shouldn't this be -

handle, error= ext.run("C:\\SIOC.exe", EXT_CLOSE)

The second optional parameter is a string for command line options, after that one could have up to 4 more options, but they do not seem to be strings.
You really shouldn't use EXT_KILL unless EXT_CLOSE doesn't work.. SIOC might not like a forced close, IE time to write saved settings and the like.


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