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Issue with Auto.xxxx

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I'm trying to load a couple of Lua scripts for only certain aircraft profiles. In this case the Flysim Learjet 35A.
Apparently I'm missing something and would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction  
The 2 scripts work fine if started with just [Auto]. 
But will not work when loaded with  [Auto.Lear35] 
Fsuipc.ini  (parts)

UseProfiles=Files  ( Modules\Profiles I have Lear35.ini for the profile name. )


1=Lua Get_Gear_Height
2=Lua Lear35Controls2
1=Learjet 35A N925DM
2=Learjet 35A N950SP
3=Learjet 35A N454TH
From the FSUIPC log.
E:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\FLYSIM Learjet 35A\Learjet35A.air
    The user object is 'Learjet 35A N454TH'
FSUIPC5 5.152
Prepar3D v4
Win 10
For reference I using this from the Advance Users guide. Page 39
where the xxxx part is the aircraft name, or part-name (as in Aircraft Specific sections), or a profile name when profiles are being used.
Thanks for any help.
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There is also a separate document you should read if you are using profiles in separate files, called (unsurprisingly) Profiles in Separate Files.pdf.

I suspect that your problem is that the [Auto] section in your Lear35.ini should just be called [Auto] and not [Auto.Lear35] - the latter is used in your FSUIPC5.ini file when you are using profiles but NOT in separate files.


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