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Variable value collection flow

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Hi all,

I want to add two offsets to FSUIPC in order to save the value of two Q400 variable. These two offsets will be read by Spad.neXt.
So I wrote a LUA script that reads variables value (could be 0 or 255) and writes they to FSUIPC offset 66C0 and 66C3.
I need to read both variables continuously so I thought of writing a C# program that every 50ms would write to the 0x0D70 offset, and pass the Lua command with the name of my lua script. 
From what I understand when the 0x0D70 offset is written FSUIPC executes the indicated script via the indicated command, so I expect to have FSUIPC offset 66C0 and 66C3 filled every 50ms with the value of Q400's variables and ready for Spad.neXt.

Any comment/criticism/suggestion about this flow?



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It's very inefficient having a Lua plug-in loaded, compiled and executed repeatedly -- especially so often.

As John says, you can design you Lua plug in to operate at regular time intervals easily by using event.timer. You only have the plug-in loaded and compiled for you just the once that way -- loaded probably by an [Auto] section command.

Are these Q400 values obtained from L:Vars? If so then just use the event.Lvar function instead, one for each of the LVars you need to monitor.  The minimum monitor time there is currently set to 100 mSecs, not 50, but with two of them operating you might meet your 50 mSecs target.



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