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airlpanes.txt file differences


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I was doing some file housekeeping and found that the ymml airplanes.txt file does not have the 74N in it. CX operates the 74N into YMML.  I found it in the LPFG airplanes.txt file and tranferred it over to the YMML airplanes.txt file.  I have LPFG RC for that reason. Also changed the ymml schedule to reflect the 74N. All worked good. A nice CX Livery 747 instead of a whte one.

Looking at the other airplanes.txt file I found several differences from A/P to A/P.  I would have thought a common airplanes.txt file would have been the go.

Ques, can someone confirm that all the aircraft types are in the airplanes_pack1& the airplanes_pack1.manifest file.  What I want to do is bring my airplanes.txt file up to date and include every aircraft type. I know that if the airplanes.txt files and the Pack files dont correspond, the program doesn't load. 

I realise this is a Gabor area but any infromation will help.


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Only the airplane types in the airplane pack manifest are actually modelled.

All other planes in the airplanes text, that are not in the pack manifest, will appear as a random default plane.

Common files are hopefully a thing for the next version

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At least I know what to look for in the future if I add an airplane to my list and it shows up as a default, I should be able to track it down and by inference I will assume all airplanes in any of the airplanes.txt file are in the pack & manifect files.


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