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[SOLVED] [Tracon2012!SE] Crashes, anyone got it to work?


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I recently bought Tracon2012!SE on Steam, but it crashes very very early ingame.
It crashes also if moving the Strip-window.

The log-files does not show any vital information or error codes.

* I am not using any DLC:s or addons.
* I have reinstalled the game several times
* I am running it as administrator
* I have tried running it with Compatibility Mode for Windows 8
* Edit: I have updated to the latest Nvidia drivers (442.50) but it does not help.

My system is Windows 10 and I am using a Nvidia 1080Ti card.

Anyone had the same problem as me and got it to work with some fixing?


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25 minutes ago, Zatris said:

I have same problem with Tower 3d pro steam version 

After searching the forum for already existing threads please respond with details in that thread that is covering Tower!3D:SE crashes or open a new thread.  This thread is reserved for TRACON issues identified by the OP.


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I think I have managed to get it to work, thanks @scoobflight for pressing me on.

I closed some applications and services running in the background, though I am not sure which one is the culprit. But I have a feeling the Asus service and application suite (i.e. Nahhimisvc and services named something with Asus) may be the culprit, but I am not sure as of yet. I will try to pinpoint out which of the services Tracon is incompatible with tomorrow.... and I will update the thread.

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Could not resist, and it seems to be the Nahimic service that is the culprit, it is a service that probably have been installed by my Asus drivers to improve headphone sound.

I disabled the service by starting the System Configuration, selecting services, and disabling it there.

And now Tracon2012 seems to work fine!



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