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  1. Tell us in advance which airports you don't have and we will help you choose the best one
  2. I played KLAX by your Schedule Builder Tool. I have two AAL flights from RJAA in 2 minutes interval and one flight was with 738 plane. The next thing is with the same RJAA and now with Delta. Delta wanted flight with a 717 plane. If you can fix that bugs.
  3. I have same problem. if I give a command am example DLH 1418 runway 18 via N5 L don't working, but if I give DLH 1418 continue taxi then that plane start move to runway
  4. Hey I found duplicate flight on this schedule. It is on Sunday schedule KLC1762 EDIT: I'm fixed by myself and I found a lot of duplicate flight. I delete them but you should review all flight watch and fix it
  5. If you can on this stage can make KLAX or KPHL that would be great and us should see more bugs, errors or smth
  6. Hey, I just tried one time this builder tools and I played about 15 minutes and I saw that: STT, ATL, 752, DL, 569, 12:00, 12:00, 1, DL STT, ATL, 752, DL, 405, 12:00, 12:02, 1, DL I don't write all flights but more which difference just few minutes with same airlines
  7. Good day, I have a question about true color. I have real traffic and real colors (CDG), I want to buy other true colors at LAX, when I will buy . I will just need to reinstall real traffic or reinstall both real traffic and real color mod
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