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fsuipc and vjoy

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hi, i have 4 questions:

1. does fsuipc6 works with vjoy? (for both p3d4 and p3dv5). i have an old microsoft sidewinder strategic commander with 3 axis and 12 buttons. through vjoy it works on windows 10. i want to use it with pmdg planes. so for example i set a unique key combination on the pmdg 737 for spoilers arm, lets say shift+ctrl+alt+S keyboard buttons pressed together. on vjoy i would like by pressing the button 10, throught fsuipc to "drive" the keypress shift+ctrl+alt+S of the keyboard to pmdg 737 (or any other plane of course). can it be done?

2. i read in the forum that it is advised (or it must be done) the p3d4 (or 5) controller commands to be deleted and everything to be assigned throught fsuipc. but can i have them both? for example fsuipc to drive only the buttons of vjoy that i want to use and p3d4 to keep my assignments for my other joysticks etc.

3. is there a demo version even for 2-3 days so i can try it to be sure it works?

4. if i buy the fsuipc6 version, do i unlock also the previous versions? for fsx mainly. also do i get the future versions also? (free upgrades)

thank you !!! :)

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1. I haven't tested vjoy with FSUIPC6 but it should work. If not it will be updated.

2. We advise to disable controllers in P3D if assigning all axis in FSUIPC. The reason for this is that P3D has a tendency to automatically re-assign an axis when recognised that is not already assigned in P3D, which can then cause conflicts with dual assignments. No problems if you are assigning all you axis in P3D.

3. No, sorry. There is the freeware version that allows 3rd party programs to use the offsets to communicate with P3D, but no trial version with assignment functionality.

4. No. FSUIPC6 will work with P3Dv4 and P3Dv5. You will get free upgrades for the life of FSUIPC6. For FSX, you need FSUIPC4 which is a different product.

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