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Tower3d issues with Alpha - speech


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I'm a new user of Tower3d, I'm running on a fast Windows 10 Pro machine, the speech recognition works really well, it understands all the complex commands regardless of my saying them slowly or quickly.

I'm on St Thomas airport

However I have one issue, the system has real trouble with me saying alpha, in 60% of cases it is fine, but in many cases when driecting traffic to runway 28 taxi via Charlie Alpha, it converts the Alpha to Golf so the aircraft want to go over the runway and via B G! 

Which is not ideal! As all the other commands are great, I an confused why Alpha causes so much trouble!



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This is not an unknown problem for me either. In the beginning it was AMERICAN, after about 30 hours it was SIERRA, after about 100 hours it was DELTA.
The speech recognition also learns while playing and if you don't try to pronounce every word perfectly, and who is doing so, it can happen that the speech recognition "unlearns" or "overlearns" one or the other word. In this case you have to be patient and pronounce the word as clearly as possible, even if you have to repeat commands several times. It is quite likely that the problem will resolve itself after a few sessions.

Additionally, performing the speech training several times, as suggested by @Controller- Rogue, can speed things up.

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