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31C8 Offset (Yacc relat. World Axes) seems wrong

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Hi all,

I am fixing a wrong FbW by a hook using FSUIPC. To complete it, I need to acquire the vertical acceleration relative to world axes. I have noticed that the 31C8 offset: "Y (vertical, or up/down) acceleration in ft/sec/sec relative to the world axes" is in fact the derivative of the vertical acceleration (ft/s/s/s).

Please, see the joined graphic.

There is a mistake using an extra derivative operation ?


P3DV4.5, FSUIPC 6.005


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Updating my configuration
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Hi Philippe,

we are currently very busy looking into trying to provide an FSUIPC version for the upcoming MSFS, and investigation into minor issues with offsets is on hold for the time being. I have flagged this and will look into it when time permits.


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I've cross-checked 31C8, and see it is one of three values, the X Y and Z accelerations. These offsets are in fact populated directly as read from SimConnect, with no manipulation or changes being made to the value. If you use the FSUIPC Monitor facility on the Logging tab you will see the actual Variable name alongside the value provided.

The actual Simulation Variable populating this offset is as below (from the P3D SDK). If you think it is wrong (and I cannot tell one way or the other) I think you need to report it as a bug to Lockheed Martin.


ACCELERATION WORLD Y Acceleration relative to Earth, in vertical direction Feet per second squared
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Dear Pete, your explanation is very clear and I understand the possible mistake on the published FSUIPC address statement. Never mind,  I will use this extra-derivative function from the 31C8 offset to detect inflection point from the VS variations. This it could be useful for my FbW software.

Pete, I really thank-You for your prompt reply. It is my first post on the FSUIPC forum but I follow your fantastic work since more than fiften years. A long time during it, I use to ask me this question : "but how this guy can provide as soon, precise replies to so many posts?". Your attention to my post is an honour for me 🙂

Best regard,


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