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Why is so much RAM needed for Steam DLCs?


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@FeelThere, @nyergesdesign, @FeelThere Ariel,

Can you do me a favor and explain why so much RAM for the latest airport DLCs is required for the Steam version?

With KDFW and later airports the minimum requirement has doubled compared to the base game. Recommended are a staggering 32 GB RAM, compared to the 8 GB recommended for OMDB and earlier airports and the base game.

In my opinion, the system requirements of a DLC should never exceed those of the base game. Sometimes this happens if a DLC is a self-contained or (almost) stand-alone expansion with new game mechanics and significantly improved graphics. But that is not the case here.

If we assume 3 GB of RAM (idle) and add 0.5 GB for Steam, 8 GB should be absolutely sufficient to play the game and any DLC airport.

Edit: In addition to this, you recommend 8 GB of hard disk space since KRDU. Where does this number come from? Why not specify the DLC size and increase the recommended size of the base game?
Could this 8 GB be an estimated total for the base game and all DLC? Does this mean that you are planning another 60 airport DLCs for T!3D? Extrapolated these would be required to use a total of 8 GB of hard disk space.

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@FeelThere after you have looked into it and with the release of the SEA DLC the recommendation is still 32 GB RAM, there must be a reason why a player should have so much RAM.

Since according to almost every computer and gaming magazine the sweet spot is 16 GB RAM for a gaming PC, it might be interesting for many players to know why you recommend so much more RAM.

In my experience with the game, 32 GB of RAM is not necessary; not by a long shot.

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