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With the imminent release of the retro airlines & aircraft, is it time to start thinking about some schedules My tuppence worth are:

1. Try to incorporate as many of the aircraft as possible.

2. Make the schedule not too complicated so that item 3 can be appreciated.

3. Select an exisitng airport that is suitable to operate and see the airraft on the runway etc. to appreciate the liveries.

The schedule would be ficticous but there are some web sites with the old timetables available for reference as a guide.

There are a mulitude of schedule creators on the forum & I sometimes use some of them as a basis for creating my own versions.

I'm throwing this open for suggestions so there is a good schedule for the retro a/c so the work put into them can be appreciated. 


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hi battlehawk. excuse my bad english, i am from germany. your schedules are the best.:-) i have a question, is it possible that you create retro schedules? it is so difficult to create. i have I am sbought all ad ons i need. i dont understand how to create schedules myself. i have all add ons, but i dont know what i have to do! that would be so kind of you.

regards from germany




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