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  1. Sounds pretty cool. But I'm not a computer guy and I can imagine that its a really complicated request. But It would be nice to see airplanes that are not stupid and collide all the time when taxiing.
  2. Your schedule builder is a must have for us less computer literate. I would love for you to update it in anyway you seem fit. EGLL WSSS I love it.
  3. I would love you updating the web site. Its the best!
  4. It looks like one of their best so far. Once you get new schedules the airport really rocks. You got a large variety of airliners and paint schemes.
  5. Lets see how she works. I just installed it.
  6. Your schedule works great. It might be nice if you can make the traffic more. Its just a little slow. But thank you for the schedule.
  7. Thanks for the schedule. I will try it out this morning. Hopefully there are a lot of traffic. Looking forward to playing it.
  8. I got back a reply from Feel there where I purchased it. They advised to uninstall RT and reinstall. Followed by installing real color for ZBAD. I noticed that RT V28 is now available. My airport is now working fine.
  9. I bought both and I am so disappointed. Cheap price and lame. RT not updated and RC for ZBAD does nothing. I waited for the new airport and what a let down.
  10. Thank you i will take a look. Appreciate it.
  11. I have reinstalled and installed Tower 3D pro on laptop, computers and I cannot get the controller hours to keep track. I have zero hours always. Is there a secret or something missing? Over the years I have played many hours and would love to know just how many hours I am on this game.
  12. Fantastic!!!!! Looking forward to your new schedules.
  13. Thank you. Maybe someday someone will make a schedule for it.
  14. I think the most neglected airport is FAOR. Basically it is a nice airport, but traffic is so slow that I feel asleep playing.
  15. Sometimes it is correct and sometimes it says Detroit. My guess is they mixed a few files into the file by accident. my settings are for U.S. English. No big deal but it does exist.
  16. I'm 63 and I thought it was my imagination also. Thanks for verifying in not yet hearing things.
  17. I love the new airport! I did find something very unusual. Often, I hear the controller's voice use "Detroit" for the tower call sign. I listen carefully and I'm sure that is what I am hearing. Does anyone have this experience? Maybe the next surprise airport is DTW? Did you guys somehow mix the files? Don't know what to say, it is on both my computers. Still think this is one of the best schedules without someone doing a new schedule.
  18. From Philippines not fast had a difficult time purchasing EGLL via PayPal on my iPad. Switched over to my iPhone for the purchase.
  19. We have retro aircraft. Can they do a retro Kai Tek? It sure would be fun seeing that for a change.
  20. It is a fun airport but needs more traffic. I have fallen asleep playing it.
  21. Yes please. Your schedules are fantastic!
  22. Great selection of aircraft and airlines. The late 70's to early 80's is a perfect time for your aircraft. Will this be using existing airports? I'm really looking forward to seeing this new retro package. Thanks to all that made it happen!
  23. May I inquire in this retro project what is the year or years it is suppose to represent?
  24. Sweet! As soon as you can a sneak preview will be nice
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