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Bug Reports: AC Fuel Pump Logic & cold and dark flight controls


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When setting the fuel crossfeed to either LOW 1 or LOW 2, the opposite AC fuel pump should begin running as long as the respective AC power is available.  


Edit subject line: added other topic OP started in another location so brought them here for discussion. - mods.

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Below is the discussion @atav757 posted int a thread not for Q&A.  It is more appropriate here -

23 hours ago, atav757 said:

Just purchased the V3 today, I immediately noticed on cold and dark I can move the flight controls. But I just purchased and downloaded today, so I'm sure I have the latest version. Am I missing something?


22 hours ago, scoobflight said:

Dead controls isn't modeled.


Yes as only the latest version can be downloaded.


22 hours ago, atav757 said:

But in your changelog you have this:

-Flight control surfaces are moving now only when HYD is ON


21 hours ago, Matty260191 said:

Do the surfaces actually move or does the stick move but control surfaces stay still?


20 hours ago, atav757 said:


The surfaces all move even with no power to the airplane


17 hours ago, scoobflight said:

Surfaces are moving on their own (aka, wind caused)?

Surfaces are moving because you are moving the yoke (even though the plane is 'cold&dark' and there is no reason to move the yoke)?


17 hours ago, atav757 said:


I bumped my joystick and I noticed all the flight controls including the spoilers move with a cold and dark airplane. On the changelog it says they shouldn't move unless you have hydraulics powered.


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