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2 hours ago, Mugz said:

i dont find how to send Key Events through FSUIPC

Within FSUIPC you assign to the list of controls (== Key Events) in the assignment facilities. From a Lua plug-in you'd use the  ipc.control function, and from an external program interfacing via the offsets you'd use the facilities at offset 3110. For the latter see the supplied document FSUIPC Offsets Status. For the numerical equivalents of the Key Events you need to refer to the list of current controls. I'll have to ask John about the FSUIPC7 one.



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12 hours ago, Mugz said:

FSUIPC can operrate with K: events of MSFS?

Currently, you can use MSFS K: events with MobiFlight + FSUIPC.  There is a tutorial explaining how to do this here. 


I am currently looking into adding support to access L: and H: vars directly in FSUIPC.
I wasn't planning on adding K: vars at the moment, but this should also be possible. I may also supply a general method to execute user-supplied calculator code, which would also allow access to K:Vars.


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8 hours ago, John Dowson said:

There is also a standard control/event for the - Toggle Aircraft Exit Fast. Have you tried that?

Yes. It work from FSUIPC interface. It's also can used from external app connected to FSUIPC?

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Just now, Mugz said:

It's also can used from external app connected to FSUIPC?

Yes, I don't see why not. Depending on the app, but if it uses offsets then you can use the general control offset at 0x3110 with control number 68536.
For the control numbers for each event, there should be an automatically generated document in your FSUIPC7 documentation called Controls List for MSFS Build 999.txt, which shows the control/event numbers, i.e.




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