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On loading MSFS in the sim  I press Alt + F and get up the FSUIPC interface to calibrate, I then minimise it..


But it the disappears, ALT + F does not open it..I cannot get it back unless I close the sim and restart..very frustrating.

Any ideas people?


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I confirm this: once minimized there seems to be no way back except to close it via the task bar and start it again.

Until it is fixed, best to just use the X (close) button, top right. That effectively sends it to the system tray in a state where ALT+F will re-display it. It doesn't close it -- that is done by using the "Exit" option in the File menu.



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When you minimise, it goes to the task bar not the system tray. To get the window back from the task bar, you have to click the FSUIPC task bar icon. If in full screen mode, you would have to exit this first using alt+enter. As Pete says, best to close to the system tray instead (either by clicking the X close button or the File -> Close menu option), especially if using MSFS in full screen mode (i.e. no task bar).

I will look into also un-minimising from the task bar with the open/show hotkey.

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