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TBM 930 Throttle setup MFSF 2020

Tim M

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The TBM 930 has an unusual combined throttle/propeller lever, and I found only one youtube video (link below) on configuring the throttle with FSUIPC, but it's 10 months old, and does not reflect any MFSF updates or Mods. It almost worked, but not like in the video. My question is: Do I need to DELETE the Axis bindings in MFSF? then open FSUIPC to configure?


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9 hours ago, Tim M said:

My question is: Do I need to DELETE the Axis bindings in MFSF? then open FSUIPC to configure?

If you are assigning the axis in FSUIPC7, then yes, you need to remove/delete the axis bindings in MSFS. In fact, if assigning in FSUIPC7, we recommend initially starting with an empty controller profile in MSFS. To do this, simply create a new profile for you controller in MSFS, which will be empty by default.

Note however, unlike in P3D, it is fine to mix and match assignments between MSFS and FSUIPC7, so you can keep the MSFS default profile if you like, but make sure to unbind anything you decide to assign in FSUIPC7, otherwise you can get dual and conflicting assignments.

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Trying to setup the Logitech Pro Throttle (Saitek) with the TBM 930 throttle.  Followed the video in the initial post, but unfortunately, my system doesn't work like the YouTube video says.  Now, that video is nearly a year old and there have been a lot of updates to FS2020 since then.  That said, everything works as described except for actually moving the 930 throttle in FS2020.  Is FSUIPC7 different or is FS2020 different and and resulting in the non movement of the throttle?  Is it a problem with FSUIPC7 or with FS2020.  I love flying the TBM 930 but the throttle issues have always been a problem.  I was hoping with FSUIPC7 those problems would be gone.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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11 hours ago, CL-OR said:

That said, everything works as described except for actually moving the 930 throttle in FS2020.

I've just taken a look and assigning to Axis Throttle1 Set (Or just Axis Throttle Set, or simply Throttle) moves the throttle in the FS, so I'm not sure what you are doing.
Could you activate logging for Axis Controls, load the TBM 930 and move your throttle axis through its full range, then shutdown MSFS/FSUIPC7 and show me your FSUIPC7.log and FSUIPC7.ini files.

You can also try assigning to Throttle1 Set, or Throttle Set.

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10 minutes ago, SAC002 said:

I think i know what he means...if i start from cold and dark, i can't move the lever out of the bottom right position with either my throttle or prop lever...have to use the mouse to get it in the left slot position...

Ok, so this is only an issue when starting cold and dark, and it works once you have moved it to the left slot position using the mouse? Does it then work normally once that is done?
I didn't try from cold and dark. Will take a look later.

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That doesn't work for me. However, if I assign to send the control Toggle Fuel Valve Eng1 when leaving the bottom range of the Prop Pitch1 axis, using the right-hand side of the axis assignments panel, then this unfeathers the prop. You can also send the same control when entering the range, which should then feather the prop when you pull the prop pitch fully back.

I'm using the range assignments option as the throttle/Prop axis levers I am using do not have a button that triggers on the detent. If you have such a button, then you can try assigning that control to the detent button.

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