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  1. Boston Airport and 77W

    Nor did I... I landed on 32 recently in a LR45. That hotel surprised me, lol! Good grief!
  2. Joe, Ah, I must have missed that part. I'll fiddle with it and see what I can do. Thanks!
  3. Joe (or anyone), I finally got around to installing your schedule, however my game seems to be hanging at 63% during the loading process. Any ideas? I made copies of the original Terminal and Schedule files and removed them. I replaced them with copies of yours. I do not have the Notes file in there.
  4. Just quoting you, Scott, for a little clarification for Vic... Scott mentioned the real holding point being on the left in the picture. That's true for NORTHbound aircraft (6R via Zulu, hold short 6L). For aircraft landing 24R and exiting left on Zulu, as in the picture, aircraft should NOT stop at all prior to that first line. The only hold short line they should stop at is the second set. I'm including an overhead shot of that taxiway. The runways are noted, as are the orientation of the hold short lines. I did a quick paint job to show the detail of the hold short lines' dashes. You can see that aircraft should not be stopping at all for that first line, since the dashes are on the runway/pilot's side...pilots should roll across those. The second set has solid lines on the pilot's side, so the aircraft should be stopped prior to those. It is correct in Scott's picture that the aircraft are definitely taxing past that line and should not be. Hope that helps!
  5. Wow, what a job! Thanks for doing that, Joe. I'll probably hit you up for that after I get home from vacation in a couple of weeks!
  6. Rotate ADIRS Display?

    I wouldn't necessarily say the arrow is "wrong," but that it's not as easy to interpret. I think of it (now) like a windsock and it makes more sense. I think a nice touch for the next game/update would be a minor redesign of it to where it's more like a windsock of sorts....or even remove the arrow all together and stick with the digital readout.
  7. Rotate ADIRS Display?

    Yep, winds are name for where they're coming "from." The arrow makes it a bit confusing in the game, agreed.
  8. LAX Taxiway B16

    It might be. I've had a lot of problems with that end of the airport. Any heavies that land on 25L and need to get to the Int'l Terminals on taxiway Sierra, I've tried to get them to taxi via H U C R D S, but that has never worked no matter what sort of taxiway combinations I've tried. Even H U C S won't work. It's like the sim doesn't recognize some of those taxiways, particularly Taxiway Uniform. ??? I've attached a diagram of the airport and the troublesome area. In green is the path I try to get them to take, and in purple is the path that the computer always generates. The red box is the area in general, including your taxiway B16 (which I haven't tried to use, but don't doubt you!), that seems to have issues.
  9. Airport Strategies

  10. I had a Southwest flight push back at LAX the other day, and the tug was just pushing it in circles. 360 after 360, through all the airplanes and through the terminal, lol. Go home, tug driver. You're drunk!
  11. Cleared to Land

    This is common in the US. We'll be cleared to land behind other arriving aircraft. Often, they'll call out traffic to follow and, once we report them in sight, they'll clear us for a visual approach and/or landing "Number 2 behind a Southwest 737," for example. If they want to sneak a departure out ahead of us, they'll cancel our landing clearance and have us continue with "Traffic holding in position." They'll then clear us to land once that traffic has cleared.
  12. I can run the other airports just fine, it's just ATL that it doesn't like. My computer's not a beast, but it's not a slacker either. Well, maybe by today's standards it's a slacker, lol.
  13. Thanks, will try it again. Pretty sure I have everything turned off/lowest settings when I play ATL and it still bogs the computer down to an unplayable level, but I'll double check. I've been playing LAX a lot now as a result. Thanks!!
  14. Gameplay Reference Cards

    A few quick observations: - You have Allegiant also listed under Asiana - Also, not trying to nitpick, but it's "Allegiant" vs "Alligiant" (simple typo) - Airborne Express should go by "ABEX," but I haven't heard them in the game so you're probably right with the "Airborne Express" callsign. (It's actually ABX Air in real life these days...I had an interview offer with them, but chose not to go!) - Norwegian in-game goes by "North Shuttle," I believe. ?? Heard that in LAX. Sorry, I don't mean to point those out in a negative way...you did an awesome job putting all of that together!
  15. Gameplay Reference Cards

    Nice work with that! Quesiton: Who is "SLI?" I can't understand the name they're saying. I usually see EMB-135/145s in LAX with SLIxxx. Also, "Compass Rose" drives me crazy lol. You only ever hear "Compass" on the radio. :D