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  1. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    It was difficult to figure out where the AI aircraft was since it was underground (or at least that what it looked like). The view alternated between the aircraft displayed over a light blue background and a moving greenish display that looked like a ground texture viewed from close up. I will try to reproduce this with a trace. I hardly ever use Arrive Now, but since I was debugging the SODE crash for JS, I decided to use both that and Depart Now.
  2. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I did notice a few times that "Arrive now" resulted in the AI aircraft ending up either underground (!) or at a nearby airport. Also, I sent a debug mode SODE log file to Jeffrey Stahl as he felt that SODE 1.5.3 was having an issue with AI detection in P3d V4.
  3. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Working as expected here also. The only interesting thing that has happened is that the sim CTD at DD KEWR, but the Windows error message was attributed to SODE losing its SimConnect connection. I've seen this before when the SimConnect channel was "flooded" by a 3rd party app, but I doubt that it has anything to do with STB. Just an FYI.
  4. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I would focus on MyT 6. It contains a number of outdated FS9 aircraft which are no longer supported in P3d V4. There is a thread over at AVSIM that explains how to compensate for this problem.
  5. Pete, The door issue in P3d V4 has been reported elsewhere and has been supposedly worked around by adding the old FSX open/close doors panel gauge instead of using the sim's built-in recognition of the key sequence. Last I saw, the gauge was still available for download on Simviation.com.
  6. Incorrect Gate Allocations

    I'll take a look later today.
  7. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I searched online. Apparently, if VC++ is already installed, the installer will generate this error message. The interesting thing is that I do not have it installed, but I do have some remnants of Visual Studio 2015 installed. I will uninstall them, (since I use VS 2017) and see what happens. It must be a pretty common problem, because there's a bunch of threads on various MS sites and there's even a user's tutorial on how to fix it: But, that said, your installer might want to check for VC++ 2015 already being installed.
  8. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I uninstalled beta 1 and ran the beta 2 installer, but it could not "install dependencies" and stopped. This is Win 10 Creator's Edition. I checked and VC++ 2015 x64 is not installed. I'll check the MS download website, but where does the STB setup save the VC redist?
  9. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    It's tricky to find in single player mode. First, go into multiplayer and host a session as an air traffic controller. Once you've sat there for a couple minutes waiting for stuff to load (for what I have no idea), exit multiplayer mode and you will now be in the Control Tower simobject rather than the user aircraft. You won't be able to control the AI aircraft, but the default ATC does it and you can use the radar screen and other views to listen to communications. STB gives you the views of the AI. It is supposedly possible to just start up in single player, by creating a flight plan with Control Tower as the starting point, rather than a runway or a parking spot, but I could never make that work. What I did was to make the ControlTower simobject category user playable, by adding it to the line in Prepar3d.cfg: [MAIN] User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter, Submersible, ExternalSim, Avatar, ControlTower There are two views, one with the inside of the tower cab visible and one without. make sure you undock all the Control Tower windows, move to the correct airport and save the scenario.
  10. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I should have added that STB works great with the P3d V4 Air Traffic Controller mode. It almost turns the sim into a new app.
  11. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    No go for me, Simon, The STB setup worked perfectly, ran MakeRunways and created the database. But in the STB Deployment settings it says Prepar3D V4 was not found on this computer. Prepar3D V4 dll.xml was not found on this computer. A Simulator was not found on this computer. Ultimate Traffic 2 was not found on this computer or needs updating to V2.07 or later. The registry settings for P3d V4 were set by the installer and the only difference is that the main folder is on the E: drive. Neither version of DLL.XML was modified, nor was Prepar3d.cfg. EDIT: Simon I sent you a Dropbox link to the trace file. I think that the problem stems from the Deployment tab not being "aware" of the add-on.xml installation method.
  12. Issues with MakeRunways 4.801

    Pete, I don't want to completely derail this user support thread, but here's a comparison of the "tail end" of the Runway entries between the V3 SDK: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/LearningCenter/environment/compiling_bgl.html#Runway and the V4 SDK (which can't be directly linked, so here's the entry): The structure (materialSet) that you referred to contains the seasonal material set GUIDs that allows differing materials to be used for runways during the 5 P3d "seasons". I apologize for not writing more clearly in my previous post above. I'm not sure why LM changed the IDs, but a few other utilities don't work correctly (yet) because of this change. Actually, the more that I think about it, this was to differentiate between runways with and without the materialSet entry. I could be wrong on that, though. Jay
  13. Issues with MakeRunways 4.801

    The only item that was added to the BGL format that affects ADE is the ability to support P3d materials. It is of minor consequence unless a developer wants to take advantage of this new feature.
  14. The only time that I have seen this happen in P3d V3 is when the user aircraft itself was using a View shortcut key that overlapped with STB. For example, the RealAir Turbine Duke did this and the only way to make STB work properly with that airplane was to edit the airplane's camera definition settings in aircraft.cfg and delete the references to any shortcut keys. As to V4, I was under the impression that the AI views may or may not work correctly. There's another active thread here about that issue.
  15. My Traffic in Pv4 and add-on aircraft

    Does this happen at the default EGKK? Do you also have the MyT 6 EGKK active? Disable the UK free add-on version and see what happens to the traffic.