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  1. John, Also, could you contact Malwarebytes as they are reporting your zip files as containing a trojan? I excluded it, but you might have other people asking about this. This also applies to the link on SimMarket. Jay
  2. Tom, I did that first before trying the old key file. The key for the version you referenced says it is valid until 3 November not 8 November. At this point I think I'll just wait for the RTM version on SimMarket. Jay
  3. I read on the forum that the beta key was time based and expired, so I uninstalled FSUIPC7 using its uninstaller and then reinstalled using the installer. The version runs but does not have a registration key. I did save the old .KEY file in a different location but when I put that file in the FSUIPC7 folder and run the app it still says it is not registered. FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log InstallFSUIPC7.log FSUIPC7.key
  4. Pete, I managed to get the Traffic Look 1.56 main window to display with P3d4 and Win10. I took a look at TrafficLook.ini and I noticed that the window settings were -8,-8, 2546, 1576. I changed them to 10,10,640,480 and the window displayed correctly. I'm guessing that the negative x/y origin location causes the window to not display. Jay
  5. Pete, I don't know if you are back online or not, but I just checked TrafficLook 1.56 with P3d4 and the most recent version of FSUIPC5 and I get the same result as John reported above. It's not a big deal to me, but I just wanted to confirm his results that TrafficLook was reported as running in the Task Manager, but its main window does not display. I'm running Win 10 and not WideClient. Jay
  6. Simon, I have a copy of PSXseecon Traffic and Real Traffic (note the correct spelling of the former). Real Traffic is $50/ year subscription that provides the location of real world traffic via their ADS-B transmitters. Sometimes this information has departure and destination airports, but it's almost always limited to altitude, airspeed, heading, airline and flight number. PSXseecon is a freeware package that takes the information from RT and creates SimObjects in P3d4 for AI aircraft, based on whatever models and liveries that one has installed in the sim. A further limitation is that n
  7. Good news, I think I realized why this was happening. If one saves a scenario and then uses that scenario to start a new flight, the P3d4 scenario file (FXML) has a bunch of XML that initializes numerous variables. A number of them have to do with the last used VC cockpit state and aircraft settings. This appears to be similar to the P3d4 VC serialization feature, but it happens even if the box is left unchecked in the P3d UI. I'm guessing that one or more of those variables is corrupting an internal variable that is used by the TD. Eventually, this bad initialization leads to strange aircraft
  8. Well... after much testing and fiddling I'm chalking this up to my hardware not being able to cope with my settings. The TrackIR 5 produces so many entries in the SimConnect log under precision mode (the logfile becomes GBs in size after only about ten minutes of flying), that I set the mode to "standard", which is really designed for TrackIR 4. This reduced the number of entries in the SimConnect log file substantially and also improved the mouse issue. I then set the joystick FSUIPC polling interval to 20 from 10 and that pretty much fixed the issue altogether. Either those two "fixes" compe
  9. Thanks Pete, I'm suspecting the RealAir Turbine Duke, but only because RA is out of business and thus there is no official support. All the other installed 3rd party aircraft with DLLs are deemed P3d4 compatible. Milviz staff have posted on AVSim that they are still trying to buy the rights to RA aircraft, so there is some hope. If this is the problem. I'll see what P3d 4.2 brings.
  10. The amount of information available via SimConnect regarding individual AI aircraft is different depending on whether the object is controlled by either the P3d4 ATC or not. UTL does not use standard AI traffic BGL files as opposed to My Traffic 6 and freeware packages like WOAI and AIG which do. Somewhere on this subforum, the STB developer explained how he managed to retrieve as much information as possible from UTL regarding the aircraft that it controls. As an example of differences between P3d4 ATC controlled AI and other objects , if an object is under the control of the P3d4 ATC it
  11. Pete, What became of your discussions with LM on this? I'm asking because since upgrading to any versions of 5.1x I am experiencing the strangest behavior in P3d4.1. Sometimes, when I start a scenario, any movement of the mouse in the P3d view temporarily reduces performance to 1-2 FPS. Moving the mouse outside the view (P3d menus, or the Windows taskbar) has no effect. My Saitek X-65F controller is active in FSUIPC 5 and all controllers are disabled in P3d. Once this behavior is encountered during a flight it persists. However, other times when starting a scenario, this behavior is comp
  12. The only other possibility is that the ADE file is missing exclusions for some of the stock KSAN taxiway signs. Unfortunately I don't have the LVFR KSAN so I can't check this for you. If you open the LVFR KSAN ADE file in Airport Design Editor 1.75, see if you can pinpoint which specific stock taxiway signs are not excluded. This often happens when runway numbering is different between the stock and 3rd party versions of an airport.
  13. Are you sure that the LVFR KSAN isn't missing exclusions for some of the stock taxiway signs? The only way to find out would be to open up the ADE file and look at it with Airport Design Editor.
  14. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/simple-airport-scanner-1-70-beta.440300/#post-774821 It doesn't quite work with V4.1, but have SAS scan for all airports and not "multiple files". It WILL find extra versions of KMSP, KSAN etc. if they installed via scenery.cfg.
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