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  1. RWY Bumping Sound

    Hi, not with FSUIPC but via FSUIPC using its Lua facility but you will have to write a Lua script to do so. You should use Surface, Speed and OnGround Offset in combination with a changeable timer to play your pump sound. Sound programs like pmSound used only the Speed and OnGround Offset. Thomas
  2. Hi, user privilegs are locally on that PC and don't effect PC's over the network. If the Client doesn't connect when running with administrator privilegs it will be most likely a firewall serttingthat isolates WideClient. Thomas
  3. PMDG CTD with Keyboard Press

    Hi, make sure you use latest FSUIPC5 version and also you have the latest update for PMDG installed. Please also attach the FSUIPC5.log. Thomas
  4. I need help....

    Hi, in case you downloaded the installer ZIP file, it includes a document 'Installing and Registering FSUIPC4.pdf' that gives you already the answers. Please check that document first to already avoid a possible wrong installation that could give problems. If a registration key is needed, for using additional user facilities in FSUIPC, you can buy it with SimMarket.com Thomas
  5. Multiple Controllers

    Hi, you configure / define your controls for the NON Homecockpit scenario as needed. In FSUIPC5.ini file use ShortAircraftNameOk=Yes Then decide a livery of the PMDG you want to use in your HomeCockpit ONLY and configure / define your controls under a specific profile. When you then select this AC the controls defined in the profile will be used. Any AC you would like to define different than the default setup can have its own profile. Thomas
  6. New to FSUIPC

    Hi, that is far out of date, please use latest version what is Install_FSUIPC4971.zip Thomas
  7. Hi, in case there is no other report (yet) it might be related to your setup. I don't and didn't see that before. That means you will have installed P3D in Programs folder with limited access for writing. The Error 1332 is a Windows reported error (not a internal FSUIPC error code) and means: Error 1332: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. Cannot find Approved_Groups Did you install Both with same privilegs? I.e. As administrator, right click on installer. Maybe you also use Winows 10? Best is to supply a Install.log file and the currect FSUIPC5.log file. Thomas
  8. New to FSUIPC

    Hi, which FSUIPC4 version are you using? Defining as Trottle 1 will of course result in controlling only Engine-1, where Throttle controls all Engine. For PanView definition and also for Calibration please check the FSUIPC manuals, located in ..\Modules\FSUIPC Documents\ folder, well described. Thomas
  9. Hi, with a profile specific you don't want genral functions belonging to all other AC for the specific AC but that's what you try to do. To have the other both functions to the same button for the specific AC you need to have them as well in the specific profile section of that AC. By using specific profiles assignments done in it forces assignments of the same button / axis / key in general section to be ignored, that is the whole idea behind it. If your setup would work as you expect then the specific profile would be senseless and not functional. Thomas
  10. Fsuipc5 activation problem P3dv4

    Hi, yes you need to buy a new key for FSUIPC5 from SimMarket. Thomas
  11. to configure macros fsuipc5

    Hi, macros have been a hack into FS/P3D (32 Bit version). That doesn't exist in P3Dv4 as a better way is to use Lua plugin with Lvars. Check the documentation for that. Thomas
  12. Fsuipc5 activation problem P3dv4

    Hi, first question is did you get a key from SimMarket for FSUIPC5? A key for FSUIPC4 does not work for FSUIPC5 as it is a different new product. Thomas
  13. Button Key press freezing.

    Hi, that is already not a fresh start as there is no C172 in P3D at all, Default AC's in P3Dv4 , must be already some type of add-on. Best is to use a real default AC to start with, also make sure you don't have automatics like AutoMixture turned off. Still you never send a log file as requested? Thomas
  14. Hi, FSUIPC5 is developed for P3Dv4, not for FSW. So it does not support FSW. Thomas
  15. Hi, It dosen't. It is always a full version. Reguistered or not are as well the same but the difference is that the registered version gives you user facilities i.e axes and buttons definition/ programming and using of lua addins. Using of offsets via programs don't need a registration but using a lua addin like you do will need a registered version. Thomas