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  1. v5.122 Installation Problem

    Hi, do you mean by this to run programs with "Run as Administrator" option or your user account has administratot privilegs? To run the installer with administratot privilegs you right click on it and the, normally, second option is "Run as Administrator". Thomas
  2. Active Sky Next issue

    Hi, you can neither lend/ borrow or sell/ buy a privat FSUIPC licence to or from someone. FSUIPC is exclusive sold by SimMarket only. If someone is using your licence, aggreed with you or not, that is pirated use. Thomas
  3. Fsuipc and P3Dv3

    Hi, you need to show the both files, FSUIPC4.log and FSUIPC4 Install.log. Thomas
  4. register FSUIPC5

    Hi, yes you have to buy a new registration key for FSUIPC5 as it is a new product developed for the new P3Dv4 64 Bit version you bought. WideFS7 is not new developed for FSUIPC5, it's key you bought for to use it with FSUIPC4 will still work using it with FSUIPC5. Thomas
  5. Hi, any older version than the most recent is not supported, pleas update to lates FSUIPC 4.972 Install_FSUIPC4972.zip Did you try just to confirm to run FSUIPC? Thomas
  6. TQ6 ADV- A/T disengage

    Hi, the A/T arm switch is on the MCP but not the Disengage switches, they are on the Throttle levers. Throttle levers are located on the Control Stand, PMDG used term. Thomas
  7. TQ6 ADV- A/T disengage

    Hi, the function or Offset to use to disengage A/T will first depend on which software is used, standart FS / add-on A/C (like PMDG, ...) / ProSim / Project Magenta. Thomas
  8. FSUIPC won't load in P3D v3

    Hi, 1. did you run p3D before installing FSUIPC? 2. did you install FSUIPC with the same privilegs as P3D, ie. as administrator? You will need to show the produced FSUIPC4.log file, located in \Modules\ folder. Thomas
  9. P3D not opening anymore URGENT PLEASE

    Hi, I don't think you have to if you only un-install and re-install the client. Check their update option in P3D install manual. Thomas
  10. Parking Brakes not holding

    Hi, the default parkingbrake control you use might not work for PMDG add-on, check their SDK for Parkingbrake control. Thomas
  11. help

    Hi, translated with https://translate.google.com/m/translate?sl=pt-BR you cannot write to the PMDG Offsets, they are read only! You need to send the controls as listed in their SDK instead to control functions. Thomas
  12. Hi, first you need to update to latest version, 4.969 is far out of date and unsupported. Install_FSUIPC4971.zip Thomas
  13. FSUIPC & Saitek Rudder Problems

    Hi, this topic started 5 years ago, it is much better to start a new topic with your problem than just 'I am having the same problem'. Same problem as which one? Best is really to open a new topic that relates exactly to your problem. Which files to send is described above READ BEFORE POSTING FSUIPC PROBLEM REPORT Thomas
  14. Hi, best is to supply some info of what is used, FSUIPC4.log file and FSUIPC4.ini file and FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv file. Make sure you use in FSUIPC4.ini file [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes Thomas
  15. How to find SimConnect Event ID

    Hi, in FSUIPC log Events. Via SimConnect use SimConnect logging. In case you use a add-on AC it might not use standard Events. Thomas