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  1. Recently updated to Windows 10 - Tower 2011 loads but then stalls on loading. Looking at forums looks like I need TOWER 2011 SE. I have contacted Feelthere for link but no reply. DOES ANYONE HAVE A COPY OR LINK for TOWER 2011 "SE" Download... Cheers JOHN 47zzjc@gmail.com
  2. REF: TOWER! 2011 EGLL skeds.... I currently have "my own" traffic for EGLL - LHR with a total of over 1,300 movements...Including MANY A380s (BA etc) also A359 (various airlines)...I've also added a few FDX DHL & UPS ....as NIL traffic for Cargo on 2011 database schedule..... If anyone would like a copy of my LHR schedule - please e-mail me direct Have updated times / aircraft types from Flight Radar 24.... Flybe now operate to LHR...using DH8 prop.....But have changed them to ERJs (as they screw up the approach speeds) zztudor@btinternet.com Cheers...Happy Landings....
  3. How do you convert SCHEDULE.TXT to .XLS ??

    Thanks for any help.   Cheers John 

  4. Just changed the slow aircraft to the other parallel RWY..... Ctrl W But must be followed by ctrl C Cleared to land That's probably what would happen in the REAL World.....
  5. Cannot find THIS one on the updated Airlines list on Tower......(just in case anyone is interested) As it's a VERY big cargo airline:- GTI - 5Y GIANT - Atlas Air Cargo, USA. Mainly use B744F (nice callsign!!) John
  6. Kev M, Yep reckon i'll make my own skeds. All noted ref Terminal changes & "yet to be released" info.... Cheers.......... The Tower 2011 (KMIA) has too many GAPS.....(as usual)
  7. Does anyone have updated / busier schedules for KMIA. Either Tower 2011 or 3D.. Too many gaps in original skeds.....
  8. Just got it up and running......Works well - but very busy!!! Only one plane crash.....LOL (I'm using Tower 2011) so it works well on there.. Cheers - Thanks again.....John
  9. Thanks for your quick reply..... I figured that.... But what i'm asking if anyone on 2011 or 3D know of a correct route. I've tried almost every which way - but same response!!
  10. Can anyone assist me.....I have several FDX awaiting to taxi from South Cargo. I have given instruction:::: FDX .... Taxi to RWY 25R via H H5 But get following reply "Please suggest a more logical route to runway" HELP!!!!
  11. HELP!!! I've created additional traffic file for KLAX Problem: The additional flight numbers are BLANK?? (see attached .TXT file) Any assistance gratefully received....Thank U KLAX3.txt
  12. Thanks for info.... Yes probably better to use that and get the traffic from Flightradar 24.. Cheers ***JC*** nr LHR
  13. Has anyone produced a BUSIER schedule for PHNL Honolulu - Tower 2011 Sim.....
  14. Does anyone have any REVISED schedules for Tower! 2011 I currently have the following airports:- KJFK - KMEM - KPDX - KMIA - EGLL - EGKK - PHNL - KLAS - EDDF I note there are several updates on this forum - but most are for Tower 3D. Any info gratefully received......Cheers.... John nr LHR UK Also there appears to be a lack of UP TO DATE aircraft eg: B788 / B789 / A359 / B77F / A388
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