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  1. @EliGrim Thanks for the time you are putting into this website, I haven't played Tower3D for a while but am going to with some of your schedules for a change of pace. Many thanks!
  2. @hexzed Hi Ben Many thanks for sorting it out, it loaded up, so I will now play at different times to experience a busy KMEM! Thanks again. Ian
  3. @hexzed Hi Ben, please don't apologise, I wouldn't even know where to start!! Thanks for even making the files in the first place to make the game better than it is! Look forward to a busy busy KMEM! Thanks again. Ian
  4. Hi Ben, @hexzed Sorry to be a pain but it's getting stuck at 72%!! I've attached the output log again. I'm not sure what I'm meant to be looking at in the log so I could try and sort it myself. There appears to be errors from line 8366 onwards for ICAO not found for a few airports. Don't know if this is the issue? Thanks for your time. Ian output_log.txt
  5. All of them were put into the correct folder. There were 4 files in total that I downloaded and installed in the KMEM folder. Shown below.
  6. Hi All, thanks for replying so quickly! I have the latest RT installed and redid the custom schedule files. Still stuck at 63%. I've attached the output log. Thanks for your help! output_log.txt
  7. I've downloaded the files to the correct folder, am running the latest version of RT but it keeps hanging at 63%. Any ideas?? TIA and thanks for doing the custom schedules!
  8. I have them set on random but only get one or the other :(
  9. Hi All, I've done a clean install of Windows 10 and Tower3D but can only have either male or female pilot voices, I used to get both but it's stopped for some reason. I live in the UK but have trained the speech recognition to US. I've downloaded all the English voices from MS so have a few to choose from. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! TIA.
  10. This is the link to my play through. I didn't think much about it at the start but did say that it was quiet. Thanks to Carda for possibly spotting the issue. It really does need looking at as we spend quite a bit of money to play this game. Don't get me wrong I love it, but it's still quite expensive!
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