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  1. it proves boeing is changing the name of the max but they are hidding
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danielreed/2020/08/24/max-no-more-for-some-reason-boeing-wont-admit-it-but-its-changing-the-name-of-its-new-generation-of-737s/#2cd865d5619b
  3. Here is a picture from a Boeing plant in washington @crbascott for someone who don't support the game you are on here a lot I don't support the game so I pulled my schedules from here so no one can play them but I will still give my two sense
  4. That's fine I didn't buy the real color for any of my airports
  5. im looking for a good lhr schedule for 2011 can u send me a copy of it
  6. If I'm not mistaken you have to get the real color for a certain airport for it too work as well
  7. Yeah a lot of people cant use the vr tho
  8. I hope there is a scaled version because I can't afford a big gaming pc
  9. It's the new Istanbul airport
  10. Egll is the one in waiting for
  11. I can't wait for Heathrow
  12. @crbascott hey can u send me a email I need to ask u a couple of questions
  13. The main thing is getting the terminal f at Atlanta be able to take heavies
  14. Ok I will probably will I wish there was to put different liveries for the same airlines because I remember how cool the retro eir lingus looked
  15. this might be stupid question what airlines have different liveries like with eir lingus they have had in the game a retro one the solid green one an then the new one an another example is spirit with the white an then the yellow one
  16. I agree a terminal isn't a cosmetic issue I wish they would fix the airports in this gen of the game
  17. I found this it may help a little with a schedule 1978 - May 1980: BNF188/BAW188: DFW-IAD /Wednesay-Friday-Sunday/ DEP:08:30 ARR:12:00 BNF189/BAW189: IAD-DFW /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:18:40 ARR:20:30 BNF54/AFR54: DFW-IAD /Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:09:30 ARR12:00 BNF53/AFR53: IAD-DFW /Monday-Friday/ DEP:19:10 ARR:21:00 British Airways 1976: BAW300: LHR-BAH /Monday-Wednesday-Friday /DEP:14:30 ARR:21:40 BAW301: BAH-LHR /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday / DEP:12:00 ARR:13:20 1977: In coordination with Singapore Airlines: BAW300/BAW17/SIA300/SIA17: LHR-(BAH)-SIN /Wednesday-Friday-Sunday/ DEP LHR:15:30 BAH ARR:21:45 BAH DEP:22:35 SIN ARR:07:10 BAW301/BAW16/SIA301/SIA16: SIN-(BAH)-LHR /Monday-Thursday-Saturday/ SIN DEP:11:30 BAH ARR:10:55 BAH DEP:11:45 LHR ARR:14:05 (Flights from LHR upon reaching BAH became Singapore Airlines flights and Vice Versa. Early flights went under the 300/301 callsigns) 1978: BAW173 LHR-JFK /Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday/ DEP:9:30 ARR:8:25 BAW171 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:11:15 ARR:10:10 BAW172 JFK-LHR /Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday/ DEP:10:15 ARR:19:00 BAW170 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00 BAW189 LHR-IAD /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:18:30 ARR:17:55 BAW188 IAD-LHR /Wednesday-Friday-Sunday/ DEP:12:50 ARR:22:00 BAW173 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:09:15 ARR:08:14 BAW171 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:11:15 ARR:10:14 BAW172 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:10:00 ARR:18:45 BAW170 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00 December 1987 Barbados Added for winter months and August: BAW273: LHR-BGI /Saturday/ DEP:09:30 ARR:09:45 BAW272: BGI-LHR /Saturday/ DEP:11:45 ARR:20:00 (pre-2000: on occasion additional BAW1273/1272 routes were flown on sundays. BAW9077C would also on occasion, during the winter months up until the mid 90s, operate a JFK to BGI flight.) British Airways Summer of July 1st to August 25 1988: BAW189: LHR-IAD-DFW /Wednesday/ DEP LHR:13:00 ARR IAD:11:55 DEP IAD:12:55 ARR DFW:14:25 BAW189: LHR-IAD-DFW /Sunday/ LHR DEP:13:30 IAD ARR:12:25 IAD DEP:13:25 ARR DFW:14:55 BAW188: DFW-IAD-LHR /Thursday-Monday/ DFW DEP:09:10 IAD ARR:12:15 IAD DEP:13:15 LHR ARR:22:00 British Airways June 14th to September 20th 1990: BAW099 LHR-YYZ /Thursday/ DEP:11:25 ARR:10:55 BAW098 YYZ-LHR /Thursday/ DEP:12:55 ARR:22:05 (Washington services - May 1976 to November 1994) (Bahrain and Singapore services - January 1976-1980) (New York services - November 1977 until the end of Concorde services) BA 1984-1991 extended services to Miami: BAW189: LHR-IAD-MIA /Tuesday-Thrsday-Saturday/ DEP:13:00 arrive at IAD: 12:15 DEP from IAD: 12:35 MIA ARR: 14:30 BAW188: MIA-IAD-LHR /Wednesday-Friday-Sunday/ DEP:10:45 arrive at IAD: 12:40 DEP from IAD: 13:00 LHR ARR: 22:00 1991-2000 JFK schedule: BAW001 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25 BAW002 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00 BAW003 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:19:30 ARR:18:25 BAW004 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:13:30 ARR:22:25 2001-2003 JFK schedule: BAW001 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25 BAW002 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:08:30 ARR:17:25 Air France 1977 Schedule : AFR53 CDG-IAD /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:20:00 ARR:17:55 AFR54 IAD-CDG /Sunday-Wednesday-Friday/ DEP:12:45 ARR: 22:50 AFR201 CDG-(SMA)-CCS /Thursday/ DEP:19:00 ARR:19:00 AFR200 CCS-(SMA)-CDG /Friday/ DEP:09:00 ARR:21:00 AFR85 CDG-(DKR)-GIG /Tuesday-Saturday/ DEP CDG:13:00* ARR DKR:15:00* DEP DKR:15:50* ARR GIG:16:00* AFR86 GIG-(DKR)-CDG /Tuesday-Saturday/ DEP GIG:20:00* ARR DKR:02:10* DEP DKR:03:10* ARR CDG:07:00* (AFR85/86 January 1976 - April 1982) (AFR200/201 April 1976 - March 1982) (AF53/54 May 1976 - March 1981) (*one hour earlier in winter months) 1978 JFK service added: AFR001 CDG-JFK /Daily/ DEP:11:00 ARR:08:45 AFR002 JFK-CDG /Daily/ DEP:13:00 ARR:22:45 September 1978 to November 1982 Mexico City Service: AFR53: CDG-(IAD)-MEX /Wednesday-Sunday/ DEP CDG:20:00 ARR IAD:17:55 ARR MEX: 20:40 AFR54: MEX-(IAD)-CDG /Monday-Thursday/ DEP MEX:09:00 ARR IAD:12:55 DEP IAD:13:30 ARR CDG:23:35 Only scheduled concorde routes flown 1992 until 2003: AFR001: JFK-CDG /Daily/ DEP:08:00 ARR:17:45 AFR002: CDG-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:08:25 (notice the change of the callsigns for each route)
  18. There isnt a retro schedule
  19. Can u show us the list of the must please
  20. i saw on facebook that the new retro pack has been released
  21. did u update the real traffic
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