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  1. They don't have military aircraft on the game
  2. Braf123456

    LEBL sp

    What was updated in lebl
  3. Yeah it was already past 07r in fact I got successful takeoff
  4. i been playing eddf ;ove but i found a problem when a plane is landing on 07r an a plane is takingoff on 18 i get a penalty but the planes are not close -- Mods edit: subject line to reflect airport
  5. I did at first an it still Says 19 them I just downloaded it again an it worked
  6. my real traffic says sp6v19
  7. I bought eddf an real coler I installed them an went to update real color it still says real traffic 19 -- Mods edit subject line: added 'sp6v20' so as to better reflect question
  8. Braf123456


    OK thank you for the update
  9. Braf123456


    i thought it was closer im sorry
  10. Braf123456


    i follow them on facebook an they said end of feb an also usely when atc joe does a early look its a week after they release the airport
  11. Braf123456


    what is the hold up on eddf i figured it would be out by now
  12. I can't wait to play it I hope egll comes out
  13. They only reason why Saudi cargo is in the airlines list for is eddf
  14. Stupid question what is pbr an like what improvement could we see with the new airports if the improvements work
  15. I have the basic computer I can run it on medium setting an it runs fine will I need to get a new system to run my the new game
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