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  1. alaskaGuy2018

    KJFK RC Update

    well I would be will to write custom schedules for the different airports to where it is able to handle the arrivals the right way as well as departures
  2. alaskaGuy2018

    Real Color - A New Concept

    do you have a suggestion as to how many flights I should do in a hour time slot so that then there isn't more flights then there are gates
  3. alaskaGuy2018

    Real Color - A New Concept

    ok so when I make my own schedule then should I do it that way and not do more hours then that to have the best experience to have the game work the best way
  4. alaskaGuy2018

    KJFK RC Update

    nevermind i saw in a post that he has to test it first and needs a schedule to do so
  5. alaskaGuy2018

    Real Color - A New Concept

    what is a snippet schedule? is this like when i down load a custom schedule to use wher it says like power hours like different blocks of a schedule
  6. what is the hold up for releasing the rc update for the airport to KJFK for tower 3D Pro

    1. alaskaGuy2018


      if need be i would be willing write a schedule to test the new rc for kjfk

  7. alaskaGuy2018

    KJFK RC Update

    is there a hold up or a reason he is waiting to
  8. alaskaGuy2018

    KJFK RC Update

    I was wondering if anyone had heard when the new RC update for KJFK was coming out I heard that there was going to be a update to this airport in tower 3D Pro like weeks ago
  9. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    hey Pedantic G just thought you should know with your next update to your master list for what airlines are at what airport I noticed that XL airways is SEU SE in your list and I have looked online on several websites as to what the ICAO code is for this airline and it should be XLF, I even have a screen shot to flight radar 24 also so show you.
  10. alaskaGuy2018

    Real Color "Survey" - New Liveries?

    does the grounding of all 737 max 8 and 9s have anything to do with the hold up
  11. alaskaGuy2018

    Real Color "Survey" - New Liveries?

    well i was hoping this week as i really want to add some planes that are not in tower 3d already like DHL Air Uk and cayman airways
  12. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    is the update to KJFK going to be for real color and the actual airport files to or is it just for the real color for KJFK
  13. alaskaGuy2018

    Release Date For London Gatwick Airport

    well this morning I was able to get London Gatwick and real color for it for tower 3D so it is out now
  14. I just discovered something when the file airlines has things that are misspelled then the airline in the game and airport then the plane with the airline will not push back also I thought it was the order in which you tell the planes to push back that is not the case like I originally thought it was that and I just wasn't aware to what it was at first like I thought
  15. alaskaGuy2018

    new update to Real Traffic for Tower 3D Pro

    yeah that is true I do know for a a fact that United is going to be going to JFK soon and they will be flying the new 777-8

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