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  1. also enter air has ordered two of the newly rebranded max jets they have bought the 737-8 which is what it will be called now with the max in the name of the aircraft.
  2. this is a news article I found on this very subject I am also posting this on my Facebook page to. https://www.businessinsider.com/boeing-737-max-name-change-rebrand-2020-8
  3. well its official the Boeing 737 Max-8 737 Max-9 737 Max-10 and the 737 Max-7 are all being rebranded these aircraft will just have the Max taken out of the name and will be 737 -7 737-8 737-9 and 737-10 just thought that everyone should know about this not sure yet if that FeelThere or Nyerges Design know yet or not but it is on the Boeing.com website that these aircraft are being rebranded so not sure how that is going to change the ICAO and IATA codes for the planes will be interesting to see though.
  4. ok so when i tried to alphabetize like the one for all non window freighter version it says that the columns need to be the same size and i have never seen this error so I have no clue what the means to do.
  5. there is a error in the latest version of this it won't let me sort anything by a-z keeps coming up with a error that says until the cells are the same size this action can't take place.
  6. i wonder if the reason there hasn't been a new airport since june 19th if that they are solely going to the next version of Tower 3D XX
  7. no that is a common problem with the Game engine and it has been discussed before but they are not updating the game engine for tower 3D pro anymore as there is suppose to be a new version of towoer 3D as far as I know it being called Tower 3D XX
  8. I agree it seems that when the airport is put out by Feelthere rather than Nyerges Design that the update to the airport seems to move quicker also it seems sometimes they move as slow as molasses i get there busy but really KATL should have been done a long time again also i know that KLAS is suppose to have a update soon which is cool as that airport has a few problems to.
  9. something i noticed about KATL that are missing in the airport, I noticed that the Jetways don't have the wheels on them to help it extend to the plane there is literally nothing holding the jet way up to connect to the plane in the other airports this is not the case but for some reason this was over looked in KATL another thing is that in the cargo areas there are not tugs to push back the planes also i noticed there is something wrong with one of the runways to where the engines of the planes seem to dig into the pavement of the runway some of these I have screenshots of some I don't.
  10. is this new version going to take a couple of years anyway
  11. what I have done so far is just incorporate the retro airlines into schedules I already have the best I can anyway and that works to a point for now.
  12. has anyone made a retro airlines schedule for any airport in tower 3d Pro I really need to be able to look at it so I can make a schedule for certain airports to use with these aircraft, airlines and Liveries.
  13. would the game code be in the files that r files that when u open the file it's a bunch of like scrambled up letters numbers and or symbols?
  14. i think it is going to be EGLL from what I have heard anyway.
  15. I also wonder how much it will be to buy to.
  16. i really hope that before EGLL is released that feel there or nyerges design will release the retro sp not sure what the delay is though as i was told that it was going to be released after KSEA.
  17. I know it has to do with the tower3d_rec file
  18. was just wondering if anyone knows what I need to do so that I can use the word Heavy after saying the callsign and flight number.
  19. this is not just to Dubai it happens in KLAS to and i have even had it happen in KATL so this tells me that it isn't airport specific and that it has to do the game engine and they are not updating it for some reason other then making the new Tower 3D XX
  20. has anyone heard when that the retro pack will be released
  21. well I hope that the retro color pack comes out soon.
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