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  1. In your tower3d_data folder should be an output.log file.
  2. Yes, I turned T2 into an Intl terminal with widebodies. That must be the problem. Don't recall any pushback problems before I did that. I thought if it could taxi to it, pushing back wouldn't be a problem but oh well. I'll just keep deleting that flight when it spawns.
  3. I'm having a consistent problem with 1 gate at Terminal 2. it is the northern most gate on the west side. Whenever I have a plane parked there and it needs to push back, it gets stuck and never leaves the gate. I don't hear an error about invalid runway for takeoff. In the output log, I see this for the flight: COMMAND: ANA125 PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 25R TAXI VIA R 16:50:14 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: T_b1 * ANA125 => PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 25R TAXI VIA R 16:50:14 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-1 OWNER_GROUND t: T_b1 r: 25R * AN
  4. Found this ground routing information for KPHX. Arizona. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) Standardized Taxi Routes (faa.gov)
  5. anyone know how many heavy gates are at each KPHX terminal?
  6. Thanks for all the answers. I guess i'm creating problems (and extra work) for myself by wanting to move GA to the now non-existent TErminal 2 at KPHX...just in hopes of using a defunct terminal because I moved the airlines that use to park there over to Terminal 3. And interesting that GA schedule does not use airlines or airports files...which I didn't spend a couple hours updating those. LOL.
  7. Thanks, that is helpful. my question regarding pairs has to do with making sure every arriving flight eventually leaves at some point, thus not occupying a gate indefinitely. But it doesn't seem GA flights behave this way. I wonder if it'll cause a problem if I assign GA gates to park at a terminal other than the GA terminal (via editing the Terminal file). Is it possible to have airlines listed in the airlines file within the GA file? and if an airline IATA code is part of the callsign, would that require the airline to exist in the airlines file??
  8. Apologize for all of the questions but I'm back with more scheduling questions. I'm onto the GA schedule and it seems it is a completely different format than the regular schedule file. So trying to understand what dependencies it has with relation to the airplanes file, terminal file, airports, etc. in looking at the default file that came with Real Traffic, there doesn't seem to be a "pair" requirement, meaning GA flights seem to just spawn and despawn if you will magically? What restrictions are there for what can or cannot go into the gaandlocaltraffic schedule? thanks
  9. will do. thx (I love fixed length data....NOT)
  10. Hold that thought. just found a post where it laid out the spacing format. very helpful.
  11. Took a shot at updating my kphx_airports.txt file to try to add some airfields that were listed in my schedule file but not in the airport.txt file. Now my game won't load 🙂 It hangs at 9%, and output file seems to indicate a length issue with one of my rows? Are there any specifics to the airports file I need to follow? - 2 spaces at the front of each file - no special characters in the airport name itself - alot of spaces after the country, before the first coordinate those are the requirements I can find from previous posts. I "think" I followed those. Anyone s
  12. thanks everyone for the help. once I fixed the terminal file everything loaded without issue. I'll have to play around with the airports and see what I can do to fix all the issues. I suppose I can add to the airport file, or just change the schedule. Another project for another day...
  13. I see...appreciate the warning. Will play around with it some more. Quite handy tool...thanks for making it and making it available to all of us.
  14. That's awesome. Thank you for those details. last question...if I wanted to just have 1 schedule file covering 24 hours, I could just create 6 files in 4 hour increments and cut/paste them together right?
  15. Thanks MJKERR for noticing the error with that BA flight. pretty sad considering i've personally taken that flight many many times 🙂 I can look into the GA flights but pretty sure that's contained in a separate schedule file? I'll try removing those files as well. Thanks for including your master files Ron...I tried to use your airplanes file but hung at the same point. My schedule must be calling 738 or 739 wrong?? the 3rd column of the schedule file should just be the 3 char plane designation as found in the 2nd column of the airplane file correct?? As far as how I created t
  16. One step further. Now I'm stalling at 63%, and the output log is showing a Custom plane found? Airplanes file attached now as well. kphx_airplanes.txt kphx_schedule.txt kphx_terminal.txt output_log.txt
  17. ah. OK. will change the column format. thx! Is there a post somewhere that outlines the format requirements for the various txt files?
  18. thanks...may give that a shot. I don't really care if it is realistic, but want a reasonably realistic distribution of airlines...so I don't want 50 Jet Blue flights a day compared to only 50 AA flights a day. I see you have an option for even or realistic distribution...is realistic based on the Real Traffic data I'm assuming?
  19. OK, took a crack at modifying some schedule files I found, and when I try to start the game now it gets stuck at 54%. Based on some searches, I'm sure I have a typo somewhere in the files I've edited....but I haven't been able to find it 😞 anyone have some time to take a look? Attached is my output log, schedule file, and terminal file. thx! output_log.txt kphx_schedule.txt kphx_terminal.txt
  20. Hello. Has anyone created a schedule for KPHX that only incorporates the liveries and aircraft in RC? I know it won't be 'realistic' thx in advance
  21. I see. Thanks for the insight. I only play KPHX and since each airfield had it's own airlines file I was thinking there was an airfield specific workaround/hack that was possible.
  22. If I understand correctly, regional airlines such as Compas, Envoy, and SkyWest operate as American Eagle IRL...but seems that in game the actual livery for these airlines show up? Is there a way for these flights to show up with the American Eagle livery instead?
  23. thanks, that's helpful to know as well for those situations when I need them to vacate the runway.
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