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  1. Agreed. That's the same thing with Korean Air and KA Cargo -- same ICAO code. I think I'll have to take some artistic license on the terminal designations. If @DeltaVII's comment is correct, I'll be able to move the AA Compass flights to Envoy (but I'll have to divy up some of the planes between their fleet based on location (when I do my "LAX Only", things might have to get further imaginative...). Might have to let Skywest go to the Delta Terminal for the nature of the game (just because things are so congested in that United Terminal already). Stay tuned and thanks for the interest in the schedule 🙂
  2. Thanks Delta - I made the schedule based on a March 30th schedule flights and actual flights -- this will have to be part of an on-going update. It takes a bit of time to update items. Wonder how this will impact Terminal designations at LAX? I'll take a look and might have to take some artistic license on the terminal designations.
  3. Hey Ron! I have a bit of a fondness for LAX too. Very good point about the hourly breakdown - when I get some time I will make some snippets. Currently working on another airport, so stay tuned 😉 Great question - and I should probably add more details to my notes in the file! The 'As Close as Possible' is as reflective as possible regarding planes. Some of this is a little selfish, as I defaulted to planes in a RC pack I have (which I admit is probably too many, but allows for a nice range). At times, the planes may not have existed with livery in the game files. If there is desire from enough people in the community, I can create a schedule that will reflect the planes (and will more than likely result in blank liveries) I've tried to keep a running log of changes in the file I uploaded. The only difference between as close as possible and the other ones is based on the KLAX RC packs - where possible I tried to make appropriate amendments. The airlines should still be correct) Sorry for the lack of total clarity - running on about 4 hours sleep right now! Thanks for the interest and hope you have fun 😀
  4. I'm a fan of FRA if you want something busy
  5. Hello! Thanks for checking out my first ever custom schedule! This is based on the scheduled March 30th KLAX schedule. I took a combination of FlightAware and FR24 to build it (with a little bit of detective work to fill out any items e.g. only 1 BA flight). It's been a bit of an awkward time to build a schedule, but I think I've managed to take a decent crack at it. GA is NOT fully fictional. There's a total 1693 flights with a decent mix of cargo and flights. I've also included a couple more visualizations 🙂 I'm working on creating more - but that's a longer term project. I have included 3 separate master schedules in here: 1) As close to possible schedule 2) I've tried to keep to KLAX, KPHL, TIST Real Colour, but there may be some blank liveries to keep the actual planes used. Cargo liveries likely blank if you don't have the RC for the airports they fly into. 3) Only KLAX, KPHL, TIST Real Colour. Cargo flights have been amended to fall what is in the RC LAX. Please be gentle and let me know if you find any bugs or comments! 🙂 Spacing could probably be better. GA is still a work in progress... If there is interest in this schedule, I will break it into the hourly blocks as suggested by @pete_agreatguy Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlcrUZNLK1OlgdJWxDLTOC6YnCvfsQ?e=uFpypR Big shout out to @Ripskin for helping me out 🙂 Things iamblue91 is addressing in post: 1) Hourly blocks 2) 73J in some of the files to be changed to 739 Edit 1.1 - Forgot to add 2 of the schedules. Added them on 6 April morning in North America. Edit 1.2 - Fixed a Southwest Flight that doubled up and one that departed 20 minutes after it landed (likely can happen IRL but was worried it impacting the game); 73J to 739 for a few airlines. (Changes in all 3 schedules)
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'll look and compare it to that. I'll make adjustments accordingly! Thanks for the quick response 😀
  7. Just wondering whether the liveries have to be associated with the plane in that exact airport or whether I just need to own the RC pack? For example, if an airline has livery for a plane at KJFK, but not KLAX, will the liveries end up blank at KLAX if you do not own KJFK (only an example, not saying this is my problem)? I've been building a couple schedules, and I seem to be running into some planes with blank liveries. I'm doing another check on whether it's because I have mis-entered the plane or not. Thanks!
  8. I've tried my hand at making custom schedules - I started small with STT and I tackled JFK. After a number of hours of checking planes, cleaning data, etc. etc., I've launched it, but it gets stuck at 54%. I have the latest version of RT installed, and I have updated the airplanes and airlines file. Any thoughts or help on debugging?
  9. Oof - ok. I think I have up to date everything else, but I'll double check and go from there!
  10. Just installed sp6v20 for Real Traffic, do I need to reapply all the custom schedules? Thanks!
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