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  1. Thanks for the info Pete. I am having MouseMacro problems with the Flight1 Cessna Mustang. What you suggested my help. Regards, Richard
  2. Hi Jan, I see the same screen as you do. I just click on the FSUIPC screen, outside of the Macro screen, and the Macro screen disappears. I have not noticed any isses by doing this. You may want to ask Pete Dowson when he is back from vacation. Regards.
  3. Sorry, I've no idea at all what you are talking about. If folks want to accuse me of sloppy programming they ought to appear and show the evidence. Pete Hello Pete, I do agree with you. MindStar has claimed, since this issue appeared, that you have been contacted on a reqular basis. Their claim is that the crashes only happen if FSUIPC is in use so FSUIPC is at fault. Thank you for the reply, Best Regards, Richard
  4. Hello Pete, Can you share any information on the FSX crashing issue when the MindStar G1000 and FSUIPC are both running? MindStar (and apparently Microsoft) suspects FSUIPC is causing the crash. I know you have stated in numerous posts here and elsewhere that FSUIPC is not at fault with FSX crashes. I'm not pointing fingers here, I'm just trying to expedite the resolution of the issue. It is going on four months that I have been unable to use the MindStar G1000 unless I disable FSUIPC. Since I use FSUIPC for axis, switch, button, and rotary integration, disabling FSUIPC is hardly an option. Best Regards, Richard
  5. Hello, Pete, Cessna Mustang is twin engine VLJ. Very nice F1 product. Understand on the new build. I'm off to download. Many thanks, Richard
  6. Not sure why I can't seem to figure this out. I have looked in the manual and did a few searches here. I just installed the F1 Cessna Mustang. It has no engine reverse. It has a Take Off detent, Climb detent, plus Idle and Cut-off. I have no problem calibrating the throttles for TO to Idle. However, I can't seem to figure out how NOT to have a Reverse range. I need a full range of throttle so at maximum calibration range, the throttles are in TO, and at minimum range they are in Cutoff. What am I overlooking? Thanks. PS: All the other a/c I have flown had engine reverse. I had no problems calibrating the axis for Max, Idle and Reverse.
  7. Try a Mouse Macro found in the FSUIPC documentation. It is the best utility to control panel mouse hot spots with a hardware switch. You will need some type of hardware interface for the switch. By the way Pete, I have been meaning to thank you for the Mouse Macro. To me, it is by far the best addition to FSUIPC. THANK YOU! Regards, Richard
  8. As stated, RXP is a guage inside FS. This might help some: http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_p?TID=11260 I have the RXP GNS 530 running as a hardware GPS using real buttons and rotaries. The RXP GNS is un-docked and moved to a second monitor. In my case an 8" lcd screen connected to port 2 on the videocard. Functions are controlled with GoFlight P8 and RP48 units which are assigned keyboard commands through FSUIPC. The GNS bezel graphic is removed using panel.cfg adjustments as noted in the attached link. Regards.
  9. Moving FSUIPC4.DLL to a Temp folder worked in disabling FSUIPC. Moving it back into the Modules folder caused no problems. Thanks, Richard
  10. No, actually I ran the FSUIPC installer and it installed the files in the proper folder. I just do not want to cause any FSUIPC problems by moving the wrong file to a temp directory. then moving it back only to find FSUIPC now does not work.
  11. What is the simplest procedure to temporarily disable FSUIPC? I need to test FSX without FSUIPC running but do not want to un-install FSUIPC. The manual states, "To simply compare things with and without FSUIPC4, move it to a safe place, run FSX, close FSX, then move it back. You only lose the ability to run it when it is in place if the installation file (DLL.XML) is changed or removed form its correct folder." Is the "it" the FSUIPC4.DLL file? Thanks.
  12. For those without MS Word 2007, here is a MS link for MS Word Viewer. It installs as a viewer for MS Word 2003 but it does view the 2007 version. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/detalayLang=en
  13. Alan, What program is needed to view the documentation file? I only have MS Works and Abobe Reader. Neither can open the linked file. Is it in MS Word? If so, can you reformat it to Abobe or just a .txt file? Richard
  14. Hi Alan, Thank you for the documentation link. On your Startup sound question, I read an FSX Forum post at Avsim.com stating the Startup sound was included. Shutdown and APU was not mentioned in that post, that is why I asked here. Avsim post number is 452400, "How Do I Get Better Sounds From My AI Aircraft". By now I'm sure it's on the second page of the main FSX topic group. Regards, Richard
  15. Alan, I seem to sense a bit of attitude in your replies to my questions. I tried to word the questions as clearly and honestly as I possibly could. I have no idea why you would take offense to simple questions about a product you developed. You mentioned a few times that some of the information I was requesting was in the manual. Where is the link to the manual? I have no plans to purchase your product just to read the manual to find out it's not for me. Please understand, I'm not bashing you or your product. I'm interested, but I do research on a product before I make a purchase. If you can post a link to the manual, I will happily read it. Regards, Richard
  16. Hello Alan, I have a few questions about your product. What exactly does it do for WOAI? Does the program self-install for all installed WOAI aircraft? What do you do if you install more WOAI aircraft after your product is installed? Does the product fix the very loud AI aircraft engine sounds? Taxiing Cessnas sound like they are in the seat next to me. As mentioned, Cessna engines sound very when taxiing but I've noticed the engine sound is very quiet on takeoff. Is that addessed? You mentioned engine start-up sounds are included. What about shut-down? APU? I'm sure I'll have a few more questions. Thanks.
  17. I'll try your recommendations Pete. Not that it may matter, but using the client key board and manually pressing the "T" key causes no lag or problems in toggling the Fuel/Control display. Richard
  18. Ok, I'll look through the PM doc. My mistake, I meant the WideFS .ini files for adding or changing a value. I'll look through that doc file also. I do have the PMRJ nav display's Airport, VOR, NDB, and Fix assinged to other GF buttons. Those are with the direct assignment listed in the FSUIPC Buttons and Switches, PM drop down box. Those work with no problems as does the Weather Radar using Assign by Parameter 72. The Fuel/Flight Control toggle has no directly assigned function (offset?). That is why I went to the key command option. Regards, Richard
  19. Pete, Ok, good to know on the alternate method. Can you comment on why there is a lag in from button press to when the PM nav display actually changes from Fuel to Controls? What I'm referring to is, it seem that the button press is not being received properly. Sometimes it takes a quick double press for the dsiplay to change. Is there an FSUIPC.cfg setting that I could change that might help? Regards, Richard
  20. Quick update. I do believe I have found the way to control the client. In the Buttons section of FSUIPC GUI, right side of screen, check mark FS and PM, then scroll down to PM GC Keys ( By Param). In the Parameter box, I entered 84, which is the parameter for the "T" key. It works, but pressing the GF button does not always sent the command. Appears to be a lag in sending the command. Richard
  21. Could someone help with a button assignment question? Some background. FSX and FSUIPC on the server. PMRJ software and GoFlight module on client 1. I want to control a Project Magenta function ( "T" key press ) with a button press on a client. In the FSUIPC BUTTONS section, I have added this: 19=P1174,7, K84, 0 This command ( "T " ) is to toggle between the RJ Fuel and Flight Controls on the navigation display. The button press does work, but the key press is being sent to the FSX server instead of the client. Pressing the button sends a "T" key press which is for the FSX Transponder. I want the command to go the the client not the server. I do have other PMRJ commands assigned to this GF unit, but they are with the direct PM offsets or by parameter. Is this possible? I have looked but not found how to do this in the advanced documentation manual. Thanks, Richard
  22. Yes, I know about the documentation. I just asked where PM Weather was in the drop down box, that is all. Didn't need a lecture on reading.
  23. Sorry guys but I need to control via Buttons & Switches not Key Presses. What you suggested does work but a key press is not what I need. Any idea why Weather Toggle is not in the drop down box? Richard
  24. Hi All, I would like to assign a switch to turn On/Off the PMRJ Weather feature on the ND screen. I'm looking in the FSUIPC Buttons & Switches right side drop down box, with PM checked, but do not see an entry for PM ND Weather. Any idea where it is located? Regards, Richard
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