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  1. Hello, i have a problem with it: installed MTP6a and insertet the datas ain the "simojects.cfg" from P3Dv4. also i have activatet the scenery in P3Dv4. only 4 AI´s showing in P3D. these are GA´s. No Airliner. all traffic set to 100% any solution ? thanks.
  2. thanks for this update. works perfect in my sim.
  3. Hello Pete, what for Future: when the Simulator needs more VAS, then delete more AI´s ? when more VAS for free, more AI´s in the Sim?
  4. Hello, i´m use FSUIPC to control my Stick in the sim. (Axes and buttons) i want to set the "Main Button" and "Secondary Button" on my Stick with FSUIPC. but i can not find "Alternate Static sourece (on/off)" and "propeller sync (on/off)" in the list for Buttons in FSUIPC. im sure that they are in, but in other names? whats the correct names for this in "control send when button pressed"? Thank you!
  5. that is a great Tip! Thank you for this. thomas
  6. Hello! Page 16: compile Database, Make Runways. This is not my Problem. I can rebuild anytime when i instal new scenery. My Problem is: In the setup only one AI Package can chosen. So the Pics (Logo) from the second AI-Package are not shown in the list.
  7. Hello, i hav now installed Mytraffic AND Orbx new Australia traffic. how to setup the board to use both?
  8. Hello, my Board calculates the wrong time in arrival. so when i have an distance of 527 miles to my destination, and my Dash8400 flying with 227 knots, then i should not land on time 23:33 ? My board is V
  9. Hello Simon! Thanks for this hard work.can i use this version also with P3D 3.2.3 ? I not will update now to 3.5... thomas
  10. thank you! best wishes from Austria.
  11. Hello, i have to say: it works now perfect for me! Thank you for this Update. A proposal for one of the the next updates: Adjustable column width.
  12. Hello! have installed the "STB_3.4.0.12_Prepar3D_V3.update.exe" and get now this Problem when i Start my P3DV3: "Unablle to create AI Virtual Cockpit. No virtual cockpit will load because the LoadAIVirtualcockpit flag wasnt´ set to 1." What does this mean? Thanks
  13. absolute top! so it will be easy for me in VFR Flights to look where is crossing traffic. My katana did not have an warning system. Traffic board is always running on my second monitor.
  14. Thanks for answer, Simon! i am use P3DV3.
  15. When i switsch to "Custom Filter" i will show all traffic which is in my range and in same controller frequency. is here a chance to get information, in which distance the AI´s are to my user Aircraft? i can not set so. thank you.
  16. Thats right, but MS does FS.xxx. not seen as simulator. its a GAME. and its programmed as GAME.
  17. Hi, its solved: i have byed Rome from simmarket. the downloadfile on simmarket was an old version, not the latest. i have with my register code became the latest file in aerosoft shop (updates) for download. the latest version with actual SODE works fine. I did not knew, if Sode or the old airport of rome was the problem... .. sorry for bad english ..
  18. Hello. i have found that only on saturdays my AI not working fine: On Airports AI calls for IFR-Request, but did call for taxi, not taxi to runways. the traffic disapears suddenly from the gates, stands. But traffic wich is coming to the airports have not these problem. they taxi to the gates. Also the traffic board works fine. but only on saturday are errors... such troubles on your airports to ?
  19. Problem: i have my personaly buttons and axes set by FSUIPC and this for the most planes different. is there an other option? did not wand to delete my fsuicp.ini so i have to set all buttons and axes new.
  20. Hello! get this error after Update to V3.2: ist to reinstal the STB? 12.03.2016 14:57:20.351 System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Traffic_Board.TrafficBoard.UpdateStbTime(SIM_TIME& nt) in c:\Users\Simon\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V3.4 P3D V3\Client\Traffic Board\TrafficBoard.cs:line 15168 at Traffic_Board.TrafficBoard.FSPeriodicSignal(SIM_TIME& nt) in c:\Users\Simon\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V3.4 P3D V3\Client\Traffic Board\TrafficBoard.cs:line 15060 at STB.SimConnectWrapper.SimConnectWrapper_P3D_V3.SimConnect_OnRecvSimobjectData(SimConnect sender, SIMCONNECT_RECV_SIMOBJECT_DATA data) in c:\Users\Simon\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V3.4 P3D V3\Client\SimConnectWrapperP3D\SimConnectWrapper_P3D_V3.cs:line 1567 at LockheedMartin.Prepar3D.SimConnect.SimConnect.OnReceiveMessage(SIMCONNECT_RECV pData, UInt32 cbData) at LockheedMartin.Prepar3D.SimConnect.CSignalProcDelegateMarshaler.CallSignalProc(SIMCONNECT_RECV* pData, UInt32 cbData, Void* pContext) at SimConnect_CallDispatch(Void* , IntPtr , Void* ) at LockheedMartin.Prepar3D.SimConnect.SimConnect.ReceiveDispatch(SignalProcDelegate pfcnSignal) at LockheedMartin.Prepar3D.SimConnect.SimConnect.ReceiveMessage() at STB.SimConnectWrapper.SimConnectWrapper_P3D_V3.DefWndProc(Message& m) in c:\Users\Simon\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V3.4 P3D V3\Client\SimConnectWrapperP3D\SimConnectWrapper_P3D_V3.cs:line 109 at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam) thanks for tips to repair.
  21. Thank you jay, i did not have any FS9 AI in P3D, the problem with these old format is known to me. i have set in the board Level of Detail to "Predictrions" and the "future Period" to 4 Hours. now i have more civil IFR in the board. it looks better so.
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