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  1. Both issues will be addressed by the upcoming SP. Vic
  2. Matty, Can you please post your FLT for this flight file just prior takeoff? Set it up exactly as you did above so we can check. Thank you Vic
  3. Please check the known issues topic. Thank you Vic
  4. The topic was opened on Dec 17, we updated it several times.
  5. We wonder ourselves too 🙂
  6. No we wont implement for the current version since it's not available in real life either.
  7. We just released our Embraer EMB for P3D4 right before the holidays and we kicked back and relaxed a bit 🙂 As far as I know Gabor is close to finishing RJTT and we are wrapping up the beta testing of.... drumroll please.... EDDF! 🙂 Thank you Vic
  8. Tony, Thank you. The doc shouldn't be in the installer only online. We will correct it, thank you for the heads up! Vic
  9. You need to move it all the way because your hardware is not moving along with the coded lever and can send noises back to code. Vic
  10. Dear Folks, There are no 2D panels in this release of the Embraer. We will amend the manual accordingly. Thank you Vic
  11. We also need your P3D4 light settings, please.
  12. During development we had some confusing information about a certain radar feature and we made this knob. It's pretty much a leftover. Happy New year Vic
  13. Happy New Year everyone, thank you for your support! Vic & team
  14. Call! is not included in this version. Happy New year Vic
  15. FeelThere


    Please check the known issue topic. FDE is something we are working on. Happy New Year Vic
  16. Commodore 64's Top Gun. I shot the enemies and flew the airplane around to pretend I fly a commercial airplane. I needed a life back then... 😄
  17. The gap is noted. The LED is a feature and every single pilot we ever worked on the EMBs (10+ years) confirmed it.
  18. Dear Folks, We are on a short brake for Christmas but we wanted to send out the hotfix. You can simply re-download your product from BMT Micro using the same link you've got during purchase. We fixed: -landing light showing in the VC -newer DB 0119 -175/195 sound aliased to the 190 -customDB is created -new switch sounds This is just a hotfix to address the most obvious things, we are working on the SP (service back) already. You can follow the status here: Happy Holidays Vic & Team
  19. Dear Folks, We would like to thank you for your continuous support in 2019. It was an interestingly challenging year, for your request we bumped up our airport productions and we almost got to the one airport per month schedule. We would like to keep this in next year too and provide you more airports and perhaps a look of the next Tower!XX Thank you very much and a Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Vic & Team
  20. Dear Folks, As Christmas is upon us we would like to reflect back a little and thank you for your support in 2019. Although we developed our first plane in 2002 looking back it seem like a short time. Without you it couldn't have happened. Thank you very much and a Merry, merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Vic & Team
  21. With all due respect we have a couple of pilots who are also flying this airplane. We will reduce the speed of the AT, but they confirmed real pilots do disconnect the AT in turbulent conditions.
  22. The answer is no for the first two questions. The 3rd is because we use high res images and the 4th is something we are working on, but it will make the loading even a bit more visible. Thank you for your kind words! happy holidays Vic
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