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  1. I don't know if that is legal. You can PM me.
  2. If you share it, i'm willing to test it.
  3. @FeelThere_Vic|: simple question, hopefully a simple yes or no answer: with the developement of TOWER! SIMULATOR 3 in progress, is there still a chance that ATCC will come out ?
  4. @FeelThere:and after the release of the new Tower! Simulator ? Another project ? In an earlier post (november 3, 2020 !)you said: At this point probably that would be the most logical choice to release ATCC at a limited price with an SDK and clearly indicate it this is an unsupported beta product."\ I don't understand why you don't make it an unsupported beta product and let the community take care of the rest.
  5. @FeelThere when is this going to be released ?
  6. I was hoping to see some news of the ARTCC game, but ........
  7. Satch_999


    Added a virtual base + center sector. Two SIDS are working, HAROB6 and BANGR6 for all the runways. Handoff to Center works.
  8. Satch_999


    As we're all waiting for the upcoming ARTCC, i've picked up Tracon2012! again. And why not try to make a new Tracon ? This website is very helpful for calculations: https://www.pgc.umn.edu/apps/convert/ Pay attention to replace the comma (,) for a period (.) So far, i've created the airport with the runways and one SID: Climb via the SID works: More to come !
  9. From Holland: not the fastest website i've seen. Takes more loading time (due to the slideshow ?) A test with pingdom:
  10. Hi @FeelThere, I am very curious about the progress of this program. Could you also answer my last question about releasing the product for a less price without support and let the community build sectors and schedule. Cya, Leo
  11. I'm glad this topic is being updated since i've started it in February 24, 2014. There's a lot of information over here: https://tar1090.adsbexchange.com/ I think this community sure can build sectors and schedules, so i'm willing to pay a less price if the the developers tools are provided too. Wouldn't it be great to build MUAC airspace for example ! So my answer to your question @FeelThere (release the product for a less price without support): YES, YES, YES !, i'm willing to buy it.
  12. @FeelThere That's good news ! Very important to have a real traffic but when this is not possible: how about making your own schedules ?
  13. Vic, any news ? Or is this project set on hold ?
  14. @FeelThere, any news ?
  15. I can't wait for screenshots of the upcoming ARTCC ! ;-)
  16. I hope this list isn't that long ...... ;-)
  17. Agree ! Some screenshots would be beautiful @FeelThere!
  18. Maybe this year ? I hope so .....
  19. Vic, Now that Tower3dPro is out, can you give a status of the developement of ATCC ?
  20. Is there a list what the SP1 fixes ?
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