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  1. Very helpful indeed. Thanks Andrew! This information and listening to live ATC got me started. René
  2. Hi LW, Did you start the game as administrator? Most problems with speech happen if you are not running the .exe as administrator. Regards, René
  3. Futureboy is right. Same goes for KJFK. New installer. Landing with displaced threshold. ?
  4. Yes it is Avwriter. I tried my luck with downloading and got......., lucky.
  5. No more sinking aircraft at KSAN, and airplanes landing at the numbers since I downloaded SP1. Thanks. Good work....
  6. Loving PRO too. It is a great sim. The guys did a great job! Thanks!!!!!
  7. TIST is OK KSAN not but that's maybe the problem with the sunk aircraft. Unfortunately KJFK doesn't have displaced threshold feature I guess.
  8. Ok. Thanks in will check....
  9. Is displaced threshold a feature in 3D PRO or not? Someone mentioned it in a post but I don't see it happen in the sim. René
  10. Do you still have that problem? I had the same thing happening to me. If I launch the program as administrator the problem is solved.
  11. You have to launch the program as administrator. That could solve the issue I hope.
  12. I see what you mean. PD is not selectable. If you click on it, it goes strait to PC but say it is PD.
  13. Yes, I forgot to say that I also had version 2.....I redownloaded Tower3d to get the 2a version and reinstalled everything.
  14. I had the same problem, and uninstalled everything and did a fresh install of tower3D version2a, KJFK, RT and RC, and everything is fine now...:-) René
  15. Well, there you say something.... I just tried KPHL. No problems there at 4 and 6 am with SC (real traffic)
  16. I am still having the same problem too with the 70% between midnight etc. I wanted to add the game log but it won't let me because it is 99KB and i am only allowed 20KB
  17. Avwriter, as Henrik Norgaard stated in another post, if you choose a time between midnight and 9 o'clock the sim hangs at 70% with real traffic. Same for me and maybe that is your problem too. Best regards, René
  18. Great! I'll give it a try. Thank you very much for your answer...
  19. Hi, I recently bought KEWR and using it with real traffic. I have a feeling that my KEWR with real traffic is to quiet. The chart says at 2000 UTC 74 flights total. and I have only 13 flights at 2000 UTC. Is there anyone else using KEWR with real traffic with the same problem? I have no problems with all the other airports. Best regards, René -- post moved to it's own thread for better discussion on this specific topic. -d.scobie (aka, scoobflight) --
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