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  1. I was going to try your schedule. However, I had to first fix three airplane type errors which involved having to totally exit and restart the game for each occurrence. I then used the resulting output logs from each occurrence and various “airplane.txt” files to find and fix the problems. Here is what I had to fix in order for me to get your schedule to load up and work: 1).BA 192, departure at 20:05, you have aircraft as “78X” but believe it should be “781” (at least that worked for me and I couldn't find A "78X" aircraft type anywhere). 2) YV 4134, arrival at 11:25, you have ai
  2. @WildCard Thank you for the explanation and clearing that up for me. Too bad I didn’t know about the Radeon card’s issue with Unity before I purchased my new Radeon card (of course also I had never heard of Unity until a very recent forum post and your post on this topic). No further explanation is needed and I sure don’t feel like going back to school. So question: if I decide to boost my RAM from 8GB to 12GB would PHNL then load up the first time like my other DLCs do now or would the Radeon card and Unity issue still persist?
  3. @EliGrim Thank you for your response. Unfortunately (for me), I have already tried your suggestions as mentioned in my previous posts on this subject plus restarting my computer. Sorry to say that none of those actions have resolved the issue. I tried it again this morning using just a new basic game with its default fictional airlines and a new PHNL DLC and still got the same results. The cleaner I'm currently using is CCleaner.
  4. I updated my video card driver but no change (that was probably a long shot anyway). I pretty well understand what you are saying about the RAM usage and how that could be the problem. However, I don’t totally understand why no one else with 8 GB of RAM (which I’m sure other users do have) is not having (or reported) this problem or why PHNL loaded on the first try for the first couple of sessions after I got it. I meet the game’s recommended requirements, except for my older 2.8 GHz (vs 3.0 GHz) AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor. Could that be the problem or some other related facto
  5. Yes, running the game in ADMIN mode. Correct PHNL starts after you exit out of a session at any other airport as long as you don't exit out of the whole game in between the two sessions.
  6. I recently purchased PHNL and for a short while all was well. Then after a few sessions PHNL started to crash the game when I tried to “Start” it after I initially brought the game (T!3DP) up. However, the crash only occurs when PHNL is the first airport I try to load after bringing T!3DP up. If I start another airport first then exit back to the main menu and then try PHNL it will usually start (load up) and run fine. I do not have this problem with any of my other seven airports (KDFW, KLAX, KLAS, KPHL, KPHX, KSEA and TIST). I also purchased KSEA at the same time as PHNL and have had no
  7. Ron C


    I know. It also started to work for me when I tried it about 1700 PST. Just added two more airports (a great sale).
  8. Ron C


    Here you go. I just tried it and got the 500 error. https://feelthere.com//shop/
  9. Ron C


    I've had the same issue all day.
  10. Agree. Back in my day the most important thing ingrained into you as a tower controller was the continual visual (out the windows) monitoring of all your traffic and the continual surveillance of the airport. However, it should also be noted that back in my day the Air Force did not have ADIRS, so I really had no choice in the matter. Not sure these days how much time is devoted by the controllers between using the ADIRS/DBRITE and visually watching the actual airplanes (assume most of the time it is still visually watching their traffic). However, in my case, I find that in the game most
  11. Agree with @cwalfy1. Thank you very much for your time and effort. I've been using the daylights out of it for my airports. Ron
  12. An apology on my part; sometimes old habits die hard. Back in my day the FAA regulatory ATC directive was called the FAA Handbook (FAAH) which I referenced in posts to this thread. However, I just realized that sometime after I retired the directive’s title was changed to “FFA JO 7110.65, Air traffic Control” (with the current “Y” suffix reflecting the most current revision which are ordered alphabetically). I guess my age is really starting to show.
  13. Thank you. I agree and now I'm not confused anymore.
  14. Thank you for your testing efforts in trying to help me understand. However, I already understood that would work (and assume you meant 25R). I was referring to simultaneous LUAWs at the same intersection or end of the same runway (which I thought @MJKERR was doing at OMDB and what the Amsterdam video clip depicted). Did you test issuing two simultaneous LUAWs at end of 25R and/or 24L and not clearing the first plane for take-off before the second LUAW airplane ran into it?
  15. I guess I didn’t research as thoroughly as I could have, so I missed your 2017 post on this subject. My initial post was meant to focus on the “line up and wait behind next landing aircraft" command which was the main issue at the start of this thread. I also wanted to mention FAAH 7110.65 (the “Y” suffix reflects the most current revision which are ordered alphabetically) as I thought it might be a helpful reference source or tool for U.S. ATC for those who may be interested (it covers both tower and radar procedures). Currently, I only have U.S. T!3DP airports so my emphasis has been on U
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