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  1. Vic, Have the ability to edit your aircraft: Takeoff Length Landing Length Aircraft Livery Wind effects Plan Spotting camera movement, or more control over the camera An option to separate Ground Control and Tower Control. Have A.I. take over depending See aircraft lights out further 10 mile final, etc Cargo, More cargo areas. Custom schedules. Variable aircraft voices. Change the runway config, while in-game Push aircraft and move to remote parking..... vice-versa Let me know if you need help testing
  2. Heathrow, Zurich, Toronto, Frankfurt, and PARIS. LOTS OF VARIATIONS OF AIRLINES How about a airport editor like Tower! 2011 Mike drop
  3. ATL Airport layout is awesome, als KORD. . . I wish ATL had more airline variations.... But wait we can modify a KLAX /KJFK flightplans and add to KATL . . Now we are talking. . Qantas clear to land. LoL
  4. Excellent job VIC and team. As mentioned in previous posts I look forward to the expansion airports and N. Color Packs. . . . Cheers
  5. Avwriter, I sense after reviewing your posts you sre very interested in Atlanta. :) How about a shot out to KSFO
  6. Regarding Tower3d simulation. I have built them before back in the 90's. Does anyone remember BAO tower. Which later became MAI tower (me). If we put our minds together we can get a full thing going. . Similar to the tower training facilities.
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