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  1. Figured I would update to show after starting up from cold and dark without starting the APU - the FUEL MGT page still shows the same 181 kg/hr flow, but no total accrues under "Used". I left it running for about an hour.
  2. I've long noticed that the fuel burn of the v3 E190 (in P3D5, hf2) seems to be a bit high, typically running a fuel factor of about 1.1 as compared to SimBrief. In an effort to help correct this, I had adjusted the fuel flow scalar in aircraft.cfg down from the default 1.1 to 1.0. This only seems to help a bit, and possibly as a result now the CDU fuel predictions are effectively useless. However.. On a flight tonight (FHSH-FAOR), I noticed that although the APU is off (it was turned off after engine start), it has still been sucking fuel at a rate of 181 kg/hr as shown in the attached pictures. This alone is accounting for 8% of the fuel consumption throughout the flight; fuel that is essentially disappearing as the APU is off. I'm assuming that this is a bug that occurs once the APU is started? I haven't noticed fuel consumption prior to initial APU start, although I haven't had occasion to specifically check for it.
  3. FWIW, I purchased through Steam (with which the sim root folder is not locked down) and copied the included SimConnect.dll file to the FSUIPC7 folder and experienced the same performance loss identified previously. I can't currently check the timestamp of the file but I have no reason to believe it wouldn't be the same 8/8/2020.
  4. I applied these "fixes" to the V2 E190 and it definitely brings the fuel consumption much more in line with SimBrief predictions and it's nice to now be able to land flaps 5 and still be able to see the runway! One additional change I applied was the following: [brakes] toe_brakes_scale=0.80 Default brakes are 0.50 and they feel, at least to me, to be very weak especially when compared to the braking action of other higher quality add-on aircraft. For instance, if you even slightly float a landing at KDCA and/or don't punch full reverse immediately, you're most likely going to buy the Potomac. A number somewhere between 0.75 and 0.85 seems to bring it a little closer in line with the others. Of course, as a disclaimer, I don't have experience with the real thing, so your mileage may vary.
  5. Sabretooth78


    Has anybody had any experience running the E-jets V1 (170/190) in Prepar3d V4.4?
  6. Just to follow up, I did some more testing (and config changes on my end such as removing an overclock, etc.) I haven't been able to reduce this behavior down to a conflict with a hardware setting or another add-on - it has been occurring throughout the range of "vanilla" to fully loaded. The behavior has changed somewhat, whereas before it would always simply freeze and disappear, I've also encountered instances where only certain parts of virtual cockpit freeze - such as the overhead/lighting panel, MDCU and Call!; while not causing a CTD but leaving the aircraft effectively unusable. This all leads me to believe that it is basically incompatible with P3D v4.3?
  7. I am having similar problems with the E190 in P3D 4.3. While I have been able to successfully finish some flights, I usually encounter a short freeze followed by a CTD showing no log in Event Viewer during the preflight after pressing one of the LSK keys (not always the LSK6R). It's not reproducible by exact procedure (i.e. at the same time, every time) but it invariably does seem to happen at some point, usually in preflight, although I had one occur just past TOD when I was configuring the approach in the MCDU.
  8. Unfortunately that doesn't help me. There are a few reasons why I've stopped using the added airports (at least those which replace stock airports) or have had to modify those I do choose to activate. The first among them are the many buggy ILS approaches in the stock airports which have been copied into the MT6 versions which then override any fixes that can be had (for example Herve Sors or fsAeroData). Either that or I have to hand edit each one just be to sure and delete all the pre-existing ILS and, well, I'd rather be flying than undertake that kind of tedium. Much easier just to cherry pick! :)
  9. I was just wondering if there was anywhere a formal list of airports that have been added to FSX by MyTraffic 6? The reason I ask is that I have in the past had some problems with the airport files. As a solution, I have for some time now run only with the MyTraffic*.bgl AI traffic files along with a handful of the added airports, and everything seems to work quite well - having the "wrong" planes at gates doesn't bother me as they're still regional and not Soar and World Travel. Based upon the documentation it seems they include VTBS, OTHH, Grozny, and "several locations in China and India". Naturally, in my situation I would like to know specifically which ones are new so as to assist with my "cherry-picking".
  10. I have an FSX message window showing offsets 024C and 0290 for in-flight VAS monitoring and experimentation. At the moment I'm flying the Aerosoft A321 and noticed a flicker in all of the "glass" Virtual Cockpit panels - PFD, ND, ECAMS and MDCUs. However, if I either disable the message window logging or undock the window, the flickering stops. It's not an obnoxious flicker, but it's noticeable just the same. It's sort of reminiscent of the refresh rate induced flicker you get when you record a computer monitor with a video camera. Granted that's a fairly easy workaround for a minor nuisance, but it does raise another issue regarding readability. Is there any way to change the text color in the message window? All of the other messages (GSX, SimStarter, etc.) show white, as I have that option checked in the dialog; however, the FSUIPC text remains red and while I can read it, it's not exactly the most comfortable thing to look at! Anyway, thanks for the great utility! -Chris Edit: This is with the 08 Feb 17 release 4.962.
  11. I'd pay $40+ just for a reboot to the E-190. What we have now is still quite good despite its age, but a re-built VC and updated interior lighting would be well worth the purchase price.
  12. I purchased MT6 a little while ago and overall I have to say I'm quite impressed. I have run into a few admittedly petty issues with the included airports, however: ***** KATL Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l I first discovered this one when ATC instructed me to taxi to and use runway 10. It was nighttime, so I wasn't able to tell anything was amiss until I (tried to) lined up with the runway. What I found was this: Basically just a blank runway and taxiways - no markings, lighting, etc. Just wondering if this was accidentally included unfinished? FYI, I did take it upon myself to fix it up: Moved some things around as well, for instance the long taxiways SC and SJ weren't quite in the correct place (compare to the location of the VOR) and there had been some slight real-life reconfiguration of taxiways by the main apron, fixed the road exclusions, added taxiway signs, etc. I would be willing to upload this if anybody is interested. (Granted it's my first foray into FS scenery design in probably 15 years.) ***** UK Airports I've noticed that several of the replacement UK airports (EGxx) have lost their "alternative" fixed distance markings. I was able to fix these using Hervé Sors' "ILS/Runway Inspector and Editor" available at http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html To compare: FS X default and "fixed" EGKK London-Gatwick Int'l: vs. Bad ILS I've been using Hervé Sors' updates available at http://www.aero.sors.fr/navint.html along with updated AIRAC data, etc. with this and other addons to no ill effect. One issue I have found, however, is that the updated airports included with MT6 override those updates (which are placed in the stock scenery folders) as they appear to have been built with the stock FS X bgls. In most cases this is probably OK, but there are some exceptions when the stock ILS is wrong. On one flight I was vectored by ATC to the ILS runway 13 approach at KLGA New York-La Guardia, which I quickly found was 2 degrees off. I fixed it, as well as a few others I know are off (a few at KPHL as well) but beyond that I'm just going to have to resort to a continuous process of discovering the discrepancies with the charts as I go along. Is there any way that the stock-copied ILS can be removed from future updates, allowing users' original files and/or overrides to "show through" instead? ***** Again, I'm not being critical; rather consider it a compliment that I was willing to undertake these efforts to be able to continue using what you've created. It would have been easier to just turn off the BGLs and deal with Fedex 727s sitting at terminal gates instead of cargo aprons, but I found that to be even less acceptable!
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