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TOWER 2011 - Arrival Rate


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If I set the slideres to Max, the arrivals come in it seems evry 2 mins, which is fine for seperation on a single runway field.


But what if I have an airport with 80 arrivals in one hour, these cant all be fitted in to the said hour if they come in every 2 mins.


if I have multiple runways open to arrivals to deal with the high rate first thing in the morning, they still only come in evry 2 mins.


what happens to the remainding 50?


Is it possible to fix so they come in more realisticly?

for example if i have two runways open to arrivals, they should come in at 2 min intervals per runwal, not per arrival.


Not sure if I've explained myself very well.....


look forward to any comments.



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the game knows if there is gate space at the airport.  if there are no open gates the game will 'meter back' arrivals.


it can help to reduce departure % so there are more gates available.


sadly the prior discussion on this, and various hints, was lost because the old forum needed to be closed do to spammer attacks..

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This is were being able to designate parking locations and have those locations active in game would be nice.  Tower 2011 currently has the ability to set Parking areas via the Editor, but they aren't active.  I would assume this was done because at some point, they were going to become active via a revision that never came.  Also in the next version, I hope we have the ability to control the airspeed of planes on final.  This will allow the 30 to 40 arrivals per hour restriction to be lifted.  A lot of the reason for this restriction has to do with smaller planes being overtaken by larger ones.  Of course if you have multiple runways, this can be overcome, but at a single runway airport such as KSAN, it forces go arounds regularly.  Bad sequencing even with the 2 min. 30 - 40 flight an hour restriction forces go arounds and this should be corrected with the ability to control an airplanes speed while on final.

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The number of arrivals compared with the schedule has always bugged me as well, but to be realistic, as the tower controller in the simulator, you are doing what would be about 3 controllers jobs in reality, tower, gnd control. and at some airports terminal control. In reality, could one controller handle all these positions with 80 aircraft in an hour. I don't think so. I work on the fact that the ones that don't turn up are running late. They eventually arrive if you play long enough.

For speed & seperation on arrival, I believe it is the Tracon (approach) controller to setup the seperation before aircraft are handed to tower. I know thas does not work real well in single player tower but for those who play multiplayer,with Tracon, it might add a little more challenge for the tracon controller. Also if I am correct, in Australian ATC, the tower controller can't change the speed of aircraft when handed over to them (speed control) but it might be different in US & European ATC.

Do any real world ATC controllers have any input there.

Just enjoy the "game" & hopefully some of the oddities might be fixed in future revisions.

Kev M

Brisbane Aust.

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Hey Kevin,


     You just mentioned some great ideas for a future version.  Why not allow the player to choose what positions he or she wants to take on before the start of the Simulation.  As far as separation, if the Tower Controller would be unable to control speed of aircraft on final, then perhaps create an AI that can.  Not sure what degree of difficulty there would be in programming this, but I'd imagine it could be accomplished.

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